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Creating Top Hat Multiple Choice Questions

How to use Top Hat Multiple Choice Questions to facilitate different pedagogical outcomes

Multiple choice questions allow students to select from 2-10 choices that answer a question prompt with one or multiple correct answers or no correct answer at all.  From pulse checks to basic knowledge checks or application of knowledge, multiple-choice questions offer a low-barrier method for assessment and participation. There are specific options and settings that can affect the outcome of the interaction in the classroom. This document will present the options and clarify the outcomes that they may facilitate.


Multiple Choice Example

Present Options


This option will attach a timer of a designated length to the question, which will begin counting down when the question is presented. Students must submit their responses before the time elapses and the question closes. Note: Be aware this option may create inequity for those requiring more time than is allowed.

Group question

Selecting this option will prompt students to respond to the question as a group instead of individually. To use this option, You will need to set up groups in Top Hat prior to class for this feature to work. When a group question is presented, one student in the group responds on behalf of all the students in their group. 

Segmented results

Selecting this option will allow you to break down the response tallies from one question with those of another. For example, consider a slideshow in which you have embedded one multiple choice asking students to place themselves on the political spectrum (Q1) and another multiple-choice question asking them if they think student debt should be forgiven (Q2). If the segmented results option is selected in Q1, then you can display the results from Q1 as segments of the results of Q2.

Assign Options

This feature is intended for situations in which you want to have students access your content outside of the class is achieved through assigning it. You can select this feature AFTER you present a question to students in class if you want them to be able to review the results of the question after class.

Advanced Options

Anonymous answers

This option will fully anonymize the question by only recording aggregate response totals. No response data from the question will be tracked to the course Gradebook, meaning students' individual responses to the question will never be on record. This option is recommended for questions dealing with potentially sensitive or polarizing subject matter. Selecting this option will also mean that no participation points can be assigned either. 

Note: When selected, the word "Anonymous" will be displayed in the top right corner to let students know that the results are, indeed, anonymous. 

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