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Creating Top Hat Segmented Results Questions

How to use Top Hat Sorting Multiple Choice Questions to show segmented results.

The Segmented Results option of the Multiple Choice question type allows you to break down the response tallies from one question with those of another. For example, you may have one multiple-choice asking students to place themselves on the political spectrum (Q1) and another multiple-choice question asking them if they think student debt should be forgiven (Q2). If the segmented results option is selected in Q1, then you can display the results from Q1 as segments of the results of Q2.

Multiple choice questions allow students to select from 2-10 choices that answer a question prompt with one or multiple correct answers or no correct answer at all.  From pulse checks to basic knowledge checks or application of knowledge, multiple-choice questions offer a low-barrier method for assessment and participation. For basic directions on creating multiple-choice questions, review the document Creating Top Hat Multiple Choice Questions

Example 1 - Initial Question

Question 1

Setting Up Question 1

Create the initial question as you would for any other multiple-choice question. Under Present Options, select Segmented Results. Selecting this option will allow you to break down the response tallies from one question with those of another. 

Example 2 - Second Question

Question 2

Setting Up Question 2

Create the second question as you would any other question. This is where the segmented results from the first question will be presented.

Presenting Segmented Results

When you present the second question, a Segmented Results button will appear at the bottom of your presentation screen. Clicking it will display the results of the first question in line with the results of the second question.

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