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Kaltura MediaSpace

The documents listed below leverage Kaltura MediaSpace in specific ways that support classroom and online teaching efforts. They are not meant to provide general or exhaustive documentation on the tools and applications leveraged during instruction. Campus service providers of these applications continue to manage and maintain general support documentation.

For general Kaltura MediaSpace support docs, go to the Kaltura MediaSpace Support Site.

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No.Document TitleIDUpdatedViews
1Supported Technologies1041792023-12-273004
2Creating Instructor Response Videos1069852023-12-212815
3Recording Course Video in Zoom1068512023-12-182853
4Engaging and Measuring Student Knowledge With Video Content1042412023-12-182546
5Recording and Uploading Video Using Kaltura MediaSpace Go Mobile App (iOS)1069742023-12-011915
6Adding Video to Kaltura Gallery Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)1068762023-12-012111
7Adding Video to Kaltura Gallery Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (Android)1069762023-12-012182
8Keeping Students Informed & Engaged1037572023-12-012922
9Low-Bandwidth Instruction1037592023-12-012024
10Zoom - Adding a Zoom Recording to Kaltura Mediaspace [UW-Madison]1094092023-02-083630

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