AEFIS - Eval - Using the Rollup Questions Placeholder (Admin)

AEFIS administrators are encouraged to include a Rollup Questions Placeholder when creating their Survey Templates. The Rollup Questions Placeholder allows administrators and instructors to add course section specific survey questions to a survey after the Template has been published.

Adding a Rollup Questions Placeholder to a Survey Template

  1. Create a new survey template, or navigate to an existing survey template.
      • The survey template must be in draft mode to make changes. If it has already been published, you must unpublish it. If it has already been used by a survey schedule, then you cannot unpublish it. Instead, please copy this survey template, and create a new one.
  2. Add questions to your Survey Template, following the normal process. See AEFIS - Eval - Creating and Editing Questions (Admin).
  3. We recommend the last question you add be a Rollup Questions Placeholder . Enter descriptive text if desired and save. 
    Rollup Questions Placeholder is an option in the left panel of the Add Question pop-up

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