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Ensemble Coordination-Irving Shain Piano and Woodwind Duo Competition Guidelines

Deadline for applications is Monday, February 13th at 4 PM.

Important Information:

1. During the competition, the judges will request to hear excerpts from your program. Winners will perform their programs in their entirety at the Winner's Concert. 

2. Performing Duos will need to provide two (2) copies of all of their scores for judge's use during the competition round.

1.    Eligibility

1.1.    The Shain competition is open to any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in at least 1 credit hour at the university of Wisconsin – Madison 
1.2.    Competing students will compete duos consisting of one pianist and one woodwind player.
1.3.    Eligible woodwind instruments are flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, and related instruments. 
1.4.    Duo members must be available for both the competition and performance dates to compete. 

2.    Competition Format

2.1.    The competition will take place in a single round. 
2.2.     Two judges, not affiliated in any manner with the Mead Witter School of Music will determine the winners. 
2.3.    The duos will perform excerpts of their repertoire as selected by the judges. 

3.    Repertoire

3.1.    Each duo will prepare a program approximately 30-40 minutes in length. 
3.2.    The competition is open to performance of any original or transcribed works for the intended ensembles. There shall be no restriction on selections for the repertoire. Though the donor did prefer materials embracing the general aesthetics of the tonal tradition, all choices will be valued.
3.3.    Performed repertoire shall feature both performers in substantive roles. 

4.    Winners

4.1.    Two duos will be selected to perform their repertoire at a winner’s concert. 
  4.1.1.    The concert will be open to the public.
  4.1.2.    Each duo will perform their 30–40-minute program as one half of the winner’s concert.
  4.1.3.    A reception may follow the winner’s concert so the audience may greet and congratulate winners. 
4.2.    Each member of the two selected duos will receive an award of $2,000 following the winner’s concert. 

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