Current Projects



Dept Project #Principal InvestigatorTitleAssigned Project LeadStatus
20-12SCHULZTracking and Reporting Antimicrobial Stewardship ImpactWIMMERPGY2 Active
20-36BOGENSCHUTZEvaluation of management of pediatric patients with DKA (transition from ED/PICU/Gen Care)NACHREINERPGY2 Active
20-39HALFPAPExpediting Antibiotic Order and Administration for Patients with Open FracturesKROLLPGY2 Active
20-40TEMPLE/DEGOWINDevelopment of a Pharmacy Data Analysis and Informatics Course for a Clinical and Health Informatics Masters ProgramSHUPGY2 Active
20-42FALLONHigh Dose Methotrexate Management OptimizationHILLISPGY2 Active
20-43JARED/NINOSImpact of Post-Transplant Cyclophosphamide on Chronic and Acute Graft vs Host Disease following Allogenic Bone Marrow TransplantSTIENERPGY2 Active
20-44FELIXBelatacept Use in Elderly Renal Transplant RecipientsDURSTPGY2 Active
20-45LANGLEY/HARTKOPFSpecialty Pharmacy Telehealth Services Design and ImplementationFRIESTROMPGY2 Active
20-46HARRISONImplementation and evaluation of a 340B program at a Rural Referral CenterHALBACHPGY2 Active
20-47HARNEYImplementation & Optimization of TraySafe for Increased Safety and EfficiencyHALLPGY2 Active
20-48HARNEYReplacement of a centralized robotic dispensing system to improve drug dispensing efficiencyHANSONPGY2 Active
20-49JOHNSTONImplementation of Vestigo for the Pharmaceutical Research CenterIRVINEPGY2 Active
20-50WEBBStandardization of Clinic Medication WorkflowsDANOPGY2 Active
20-52FISHImproving Pain, Anxiety, and Delirium Practices in the ICUGARMOEPGY2 Active
20-53HARTKOPFAiming for the Target: Health System Partnership in Diabetes ManagementSCHULTZPGY2 Active
20-02EMANUELEBuilding stronger employees through an effective, competency based training programGRAYPGY1 Active
20-06TRAPSKINPharmacist Shared Decision Making Consulting ServiceGARCIA-JENNINGSPGY1 Active
20-13TRAPSKINHormonal Contraceptive Interactions: Medication Safety InitiativeKLEIBOEKERPGY1 Active
20-26SCHULZProbiotics in General Medicine Patients: Are they useful?BAUSPGY1 Active
20-27HAGERPharmacist Role in Assessment for Readmission Root Causes: Inpatient and Ambulatory Pharmacist Mechanisms for Reducing ReadmissionsCORONATOPGY1 Active
20-28HARNEYImplementation of new MedCarousels at University HospitalCOSTELLOPGY1 Active
20-29HARNEYAutoverification in the perioperative setting at UH, AFCH, and TACGAILLARDPGY1 Active
20-30SCHULZEvaluation of antibiotic prescribing in pediatric ambulatory setting as impacted by telemedicine and COVID-19STONEPGY1 Active
20-32TRAPSKINDelegation Protocol Documentation using EPIC Ivent FunctionalityJUSUFIPGY1 Active
20-35BOGENSCHUTZ/VANDERLOOEvaluation of Antithrombin III (ATIII) use in AFCH (also UH?)BARNESPGY1 Active
20-37SEAGRENDevelopment and Implementation of a Pediatric Sepsis ToolNGOPGY1 Active
20-38NINOSOutpatient BMT Conditioning RPh CINV ManagementNGUYENPGY1 Active
20-41BUSSOptimal Antibiotic Dosing in the Obese Patient PopulationPANOPOULOSPGY1 Active
20-51EMANUELE/VOEGELINext Generation Analytics in Pharmacy Workflow ManagementDRETSKEPGY1 Active
20-03BERGSBAKENEvaluation of the Impact of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting Pharmacist Delegation ProtocolBLESSINGERAPPE-RT Flip Active
20-05GARMOEImpact Analysis of Pharmacist-led Antiseizure Medication Management Delegation ProtocolSHERMANAPPE-RT Flip Active
20-09LUBCKEAsparaginase ADE Monitoring Through Use of Pharmacist-driven EOCWRIGHTAPPE-RT Flip Active
20-17NINOSPharmacist-Led Immunosuppression Dosing Delegation Protocol in Stem Cell Transplant RecipientsHACKERAPPE-RT Flip Active
20-01WARDImprove Discharge Transition of Care for Patients at UW Health Rehabilitation HospitalAYCOCKAPPE-RT Active
20-07TRAPSKINClinical and Financial MUE of SuggamadexKEENANAPPE-RT Active
20-08HOLDENERValue of Transplant Anemia ClinicTERRYAPPE-RT Active
20-10KEMPFERTReview of Operating Room Scopolamine Patch Order and Removal Order PlacementLEWISTONAPPE-RT Active
20-11JONESPregnancy Screening Compliance: Targeting Oral Chemotherapy Refill RequestsROUBALAPPE-RT Active
20-15HEIMERLSulfonylurea DeprescribingNOLANAPPE-RT Active
20-19BRENNYPerioperative Optimization of Senior Health (POSH) 2.0SANDHUAPPE-RT Active
20-21HEIMERLPharmacist Impact on Hypertension Management in the Primary Care SettingBELMONTEAPPE-RT Active


Dept Project #Principal InvestigatorTitleAssigned Project LeadProject Status
19-61HARTKOPF/HEIMERL/GOLDROSENDevelopment and Implementation of Medication Preference List Management Processes in Primary CareSTEWARTPGY2 Active
19-62JORGENSON/FOSE/GOLDROSENImpact of Pharmacist Management of Cytomegalovirus Preemptive Monitoring on Prophylaxis Success & Infection Related OutcomesWONGPGY2 Active
19-63SCHNEIDERMAN/BOGENSCHUTZDevelopment and Implementation of a Pain, Agitation and Delirium Management Protocol for Critically Ill Pediatric PatientsWYNESPGY2 Active
19-64BERGSBAKEN/FALLONDevelopment and Implementation of Expanded Pharmacist Involvement on UW Health's Personalized Medicine Molecular Tumor BoardPRZYBYLSKIPGY2 Active
19-65HALFPAP/STEFFENHAGENImplementation of Auto-Verification for Low Risk Medications in the Emergency DepartmentBIENVENIDAPGY2 Active
19-66BUSS/SCHULZEvaluation of Itraconazole, Posaconazole, and Voriconazole Post-Load Levels to Estimate Steady State LevelsCUAPGY2 Active
19-67ROSE/ROBERTSON/PATTERSONStandardization of DOAC management across the University of Wisconsin health systemBURDICKPGY2 Active
19-68FISHSevere Alcohol Withdrawal in the ICU -AlgorithmSCHMIDTPGY2 Active
19-69DOW-HILLGARTNER/PICCOLOPharmacists Role in Managing Cancer Associated CardiotoxicitiesFAHEYPGY2 Active
19-15TEMPLEPharmacy Workload Metric RefinementSHUPGY1 Active
19-16NINOSPharmacist-Led Immunosuppression Dosing Delegation Protocol in Stem Cell Transplant RecipientsSTEINERPGY1 Active
19-17LANGLEYSpecialty Pharmacy Space & Workflow Redesign to Improve Operational EfficiencyHALLPGY1 Active
19-19LANGLEYDeveloping the Infrastructure and Processes for a Specialty Pharmacy Outcomes Reporting/Research ProgramFRIESTROMPGY1 Active
19-21MABLYIncreasing Possession of Naloxone by Cancer Patients on OpioidsKLATTPGY1 Active
19-22JONES/TEMPLECreating WHPUOS Standards for Oncology Clinic PharmacistsIRVINEPGY1 Active
19-23HAWK/LAUSCHERAnti-epileptic drug (AED) cross titration protocolGARMOEPGY1 Active
19-24HICKSOptimization of pharmacist-led oral chemotherapy outreach using a risk-stratification scoring toolHILLISPGY1 Active
19-26WIDMERImplementation of Omnicell XR2HALBACHPGY1 Active
19-39SEAGREN/CHRISTENSENReview of tobramycin dosing in pediatric patients with cystic fibrosisIMBURGIAPGY1 Active
19-48SCHULZValidation of Vizient CDB-RM database/Creation of national benchmark toolKROLLPGY1 Active
19-53ROSEHeparin Dosing CalculatorNACHREINERPGY1 Active
19-58DOUGHERTYEvaluation and Implementation of a Pain Agitation and Delirium Protocol in Post-Surgical Cardio-thoracic PatientsWIMMERPGY1 Active
19-59WEBBImplementation of a high-risk compounding practice to insource high-risk compounded products and mitigate drug shortagesDANOPGY1 Active
19-60VOEGELIPharmacist Workflow ManagementHANSONPGY1 Active
19-70VOEGELI/WIDMER/EMANUELEImplementation of an Inpatient Pharmacy Operations Dashboard to Increase Workload Transparency and Optimize EfficiencyHALBACHPGY1 Active
19-01JAREDEvaluation of flat-dose growth factor after autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma KIMAPPE-RT Active
19-04BERGSBAKENUtilization and evaluation of noncore chemotherapy regimens: follow-up after modification to institutional regimen approval processes GARCIA-JENNINGSAPPE-RT Active
19-08HARTKOPFSmart Meds Program - Data Collection and AnalysisBAGNELLAPPE-RT Active
19-35KERSTENETZKYPOSH Clinic continuation and evaluationFLESCHAPPE-RT Active
19-40BOGENSCHUTZEvaluation of antibiotic use and monitoring in pediatric patients with strips and grids neuro interventionDEGRAVEAPPE-RT Active
19-41BOGENSCHUTZEvaluation of IV acetaminophen use in neonatal intensive care unit follow removal of formulary restrictionWILKEAPPE-RT Active
19-02DOWImmune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Optimization of Pharmacy Services in Toxicity Management (Fahey)GRAYAPPE-RT Flip Active
19-03HAGERAcute Kidney Injury Prevention: Implementation of an Adult Nephrotoxic Injury Reduction Tool (Stencel)URBASAPPE-RT Flip Active
19-05REEDAdmission Process Redesign (Parker)SKUBITZAPPE-RT Flip Active
19-06ALBERTVaccine Compliance Rates in Post-Splenectomy Patients at an Academic Medical Center (Yau)DRETSKEAPPE-RT Flip Active
19-07BEREIThromboelastography (TEG) Optimized Blood Product and Factor Usage in Cardiac Surgery (Bienvenida)EARLLAPPE-RT Flip Active
19-31CINNAMONGuideline-Adherent Prescribing for Treatment of Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia Through Health Information Technology ToolsNGOAPPE-RT Flip Active
19-14BEREIEvaluation of Antithrombotic Selection in Cardiovascular Patients Requiring Oral Anticogulation and Antiplatelet TherapyYOUNGCHILD, ROUBAL, SHEEHANIntern Active
19-29HARTKOPFCharacterization of pharmacist intervention types accepted by providers in primary careLATTOS, KENT, NOLANIntern Active
19-44BOGENSCHUTZ/STRAYERAzithromycin dosing regimen evaluation in pediatric patientsAYCOCK, BLESSINGER, SEOIntern Active
19-49STEFFENHAGENAlteplase replacingSCHNEIDER, KEENAN, TERRYIntern Active
19-13BEREIEvaluation of Sacubitril-Valsartan (Entresto) Initiation and Titration in the Ambulatory SettingSKUBITZDPh Active

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