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Dept Project # Principal Investigator Title Assigned Project Lead Status
23-59 Aaron Webb / James Langley Implementation of Central Fill for Community Pharmacies within a Health-System. Blake Hicks Master's
23-60 Aaron Webb Implementation of Retail Pharmacy Dispensing Locker Technology across an Academic Health-System. Aliyah Cruz Master's
23-61 Aaron Webb / Kristin Harney Pillars of Consistency: Standardization of Pharmacy Services Across UW Health Clinics Fitim Useini Master's
23-62 Dan Schenkat Ensuring Integrity: Securing the Health System Supply Chain against Recalled and Illegitimate Drugs Doug Lasch Master's
23-49 Kristina Heimerl Expansion of Ambulatory Care Pharmacist Medication Management into Cardiology Jordyn Kettner PGY2 Active
23-50 Joe Halfpap Comparison of Single-Dose Intravenous Regular Insulin vs. Insulin Lispro for Hyperkalemia Treatment In Emergency Department Patients Mahnoor Khan PGY2 Active
23-51 Megan Wimmer Prospective Review to Improve antibiotic decision-making in Long-Term Care (PRIDE-LTC) Shivani Patel PGY2 Active
23-52 Brian Buss Retrospective Analysis of Long-Acting Lipoglycopeptides to Treat Serious Gram-Positive Infections in Patients Who Inject Drugs Brittani Weichman PGY2 Active
23-53 Brian Buss Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Surgical ICU Jake Yandre PGY2 Active
23-55 Elizabeth Dow-Hilgartner / Cam Ninos Decreasing Infusion Time of IV Magnesium to Improve Patient Care  Molly Lofy PGY2 Active
23-56 Jason Bergsbaken / Mary Mably Strategic Planning and Implementation of Oncology Clinic Service Redesign Samuel Schauer PGY2 Active
23-57 Monica Bogenschutz Parenteral Nutrition in the NICU Natalie Lee PGY2 Active
23-58 Mei Jorgensen Impact of DAA Therapy on Tacrolimus in HCV NAT-Positive Transplant Recipients Jared Walz PGY2 Active
23-54 Kim Harrison / Brad Ludwig Implementation of a new bulk medication packager (Pentapack) Ellie Valentine PGY1 Active
23-1 Jeff Fish/ Julia Barnes Medication reconciliation during transitions of care in crtically ill patients Meagan Macalalag PGY1 Active
23-2 Jeff Fish New onset afib outcomes in a medical/surgical ICU Andrew Keeler PGY1 Active
23-3 Cam Ninos Busulfan PK implementation and evaluation Julie Zhang PGY1 Active
23-11 Josh Wiegel Incidence of NODAT in transplant recipients from HCV+ donors Hailey Held PGY1 Active
23-12 Courtney Baus Ambulatory Stewardship Tracking and Reporting Impact on Antimicrobial Prescribing Noa Slotky PGY1 Active
23-16 Kim Holdener Implementation and Impact of Sick Day education in acute kidney injury patients Lucas Crum PGY1 Active
23-27 Brian Buss / Mike Fallon Letermovir prophylaxis in hematopoetic stem cell transplant patients Gabrielle Ford PGY1 Active
23-47 Kim Holdener Ketorolac for Pancreas Transplant Alone Victoria Cancelliere PGY1 Active
23-48 Mei Jorgensen Impact of cytomegalovirus surveillance in high-risk solid organ transplant recipients Ethan Meyer PGY1 Active
23-19 Kristina Heimerl Gap Analysis of Prescription Renewal Protocol Medication Monitoring for Specialty Medications Jaynike Patel PGY1 Active
23-5 Luiza Brenny Amb RPH medication reviews for health system high utilizers residing at SNFs Amanda Egbert APPE-RT Active
23-8 Megan Wimmer Intraabdominal culture comments review Molly O'Connel APPE-RT Active
23-14 Emily Garcia Impact of posaconazole dose adjustment on tacrolimus levels in cardiothoracic transplant recipients Taylor Lueder APPE-RT Active
23-15 Olivia Huber SGLT2 inhibitor and GLP-1 receptor agonist use and outcomes in heart transplant recipients Clara Nickel APPE-RT Active
23-18 Kristina Heimerl Implementation of Re-routing Prescription Orders Protocol for Diabetic Medications at Mail Service Pharmacy Maria Golovkina APPE-RT Active
23-20 Tyler Ho Program Evaluation of Primary Care Pharmacist HTN interventions with population health focus Isabel Wedig APPE-RT Active
23-28 Vanessa Grapsas DOAC evaluation update Nick Ebert APPE-RT Active
23-32 Parker Johnson Pediactric Solid Organ Transplant Guideline and Protocol Development Kathryn Freitag APPE-RT Active
23-38 Olivia Huber Impact of letermovir initiation on tacrolimus levels in cardiothoracic transplant recipients Kane Carstens APPE-RT Active
23-39 Marina Maes Characterization of weight loss medication consults to pharmacists within primary care Joyce Hu APPE-RT Active
23-9 Nora Groeschel Impact of pre-packaged triple therapy on eradication of H. Pylori infection Amy Bowles/Mariah Zietlow Intern Active
23-31 Ryan Seagren Formulary Management and updates to Lexicomp Gretchen Wuerger/Ireland McMahan Intern Active
23-34 Jason Bergsbaken Daratumumab protocol changes: post implementation analysis Michelle Wu/Soo Kim Intern Active
23-36 Jennifer Boehne Standardize for Safety Blake O'Connor Intern Active
23-37 Ted Berei Cardiac Rehab Heart Failure Medication titration algorithm update Mara Gosch Intern Active
23-41 Doug Lasch TraySafe technology post-implementation assessment and optimization Gary Lu/Emma Lauer Intern Active
23-43 Jeff Fish Outcomes from Biofire on BALs Malena Tonelli/Sawyer Fleming Intern Active
23-44 Jeff Fish Inappropriate bronchodilators on hospital discharge Abby Opsal Intern Active


Dept Project # Principal Investigator(s) Title Assigned Project Trainee Status
22-41 VOEGELI, SCHENKAT Catch Me If You Can! Implementation of a Controlled Substance Waste Monitoring Program within a Large Academic Medical Center ANDOH Master's
22-42 TEMPLE Business Continuity and Downtime Activities Planning CLARK Master's
22-43 LANGLEY, HARTKOPF The Greater Aggregator: Assessing and Implementing Specialty Pharmacy Data Aggregation within an Academic Medical Center PLEWINSKI Master's
22-44 WEBB Implementation of a Ambulatory Pharmacy Financial and Key Performance Indicator Dashboard SONSALLA Master's
22-08 NINOS Conditioning Regimen Comparison Post Mismatched Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant SANDHU PGY2 Active
22-09 DOW-HILLGARTNER, JUNG Impact of Concomitant Medications on Survival Outcomes in Patients Receiving Immunotherapy for Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma BAILEY PGY2 Active
22-21 CABLE Pharmacist Facilitated Initiation and Titration of Sodium/Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors (SGLT2i) and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists (GLP-1 RA) in the Primary Care Setting YOUNGCHILD PGY2 Active
22-25 BUSS Bridge to Bezlotoxumab for Recurrent Clostridium Difficile Infection URMAT PGY2 Active
22-26 BUSS Neutropenic Fever Fluoroquinolone De-Escalation HACKER PGY2 Active
22-30 HEIMERL Development and Implementation of a PPI Delegation Protocol in the Ambulatory Care Setting BASHIR PGY2 Active
22-47 FISH Medication Dosing in ECMO KANE PGY2 Active
22-48 HALFPAP Optimization of Glucagon Dosing in the Emergency Department LEE PGY2 Active
22-49 PAWOLA Implementing Adult Renal Dosing Context ZEBRACKI PGY2 Active
22-51 NACHREINER, BOGENSCHUTZ Evaluation of Probiotic Use in Children SAMUEL PGY2 Active
22-52 WIEGEL Delayed Mycophenolate Initiation vs Standard Mycophenolate Initiation in Liver Transplant Recipients at High Risk for Invasive Fungal Infections KEENAN PGY2 Active
22-01 WEIGEL Outcomes in transplant recipients of hepatitis C virus positive donors WALZ PGY1 Active
22-10 DOW-HILLGARTNER, JUNG Reduction in dexamethasone pre-medications prior to paclitaxel chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment LOFY PGY1 Active
22-16 FALLON Evaluation of efficacy and toxicities of venetoclax based therapies in patients with acute and chronic myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes and other myeloid malignancies YANDRE PGY1 Active
22-17 ROSE Can heparin be monitored with anti-Xa with recent DOAC use KHAN PGY1 Active
22-27 CHRISTENSEN Antibiotic selection and dosing in neonatal sepsis PATEL PGY1 Active
22-28 GOMEZ Long-term treatment outcomes of lupus nephritis therapies in a real-world setting BUECHEL PGY1 Active
22-35 HARRISON Insource Non-Sterile to Sterile Compounded Products USEINI PGY1 Active
22-37 HARRISON Creation of a Workload Tracking Program for PSB Production CRUZ PGY1 Active
22-38 NINOS Tacrolimus duration effect on graft versus host disease WONG PGY1 Active
22-39 FISH Gram Stain-Guided Initial Antibiotic Therapy for VAP VAN EPPS PGY1 Active
22-40 SCHULZ CRE-Light: Treatment Options and Patient Outcomes Associated with Phenotypically Carbapenem-Resistant Bacterial Infections CURRAN PGY1 Active
22-45 ASCHERMANN, SCHULZ Macro Clinical Pharmacy Staffing Model Redesign HICKS PGY1 Active
22-46 VOEGELI, STEFFENHAGEN TraySafe Expansion to Emergency Boxes LASCH PGY1 Active
22-50 VOEGELI Implementation of Omnicell Technology WATTS PGY1 Active
22-02 WEIGEL Evaluation efficacy of Lokelma (sodium zirconium cyclosilicate) in potassium reduction in transplant recipients SHOCKEY APPE-RT Active
22-04 JARED Initiation and utilization of letermovir after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation FUHRMAN APPE-RT Active
22-05 HARTKOPF Evaluation of a Home Blood Pressure Cuff Loaner Program in Primary Care Clinics ZHANG APPE-RT Active
22-11 BEREI Impact of Aspergillosis Prophylaxis Initiation and Cessation in Orthotopic Heart Transplant Recipients on Tacrolimus Levels and Subsequent Allograft Rejection MEYER APPE-RT Active
22-12 VANDERLOO Evaluation of Sliding Scale Electrolyte Repletion Compliance with Guidance KEELER APPE-RT Active
22-13 SCHULZ Outpatient COVID Antibiotics RUH APPE-RT Active
22-14 SCHULZ Finding value in novel antibiotics using Incremental Cost Effectiveness: A solution to the lack of novel antibiotic utilization and pending collapse of the antibiotic development infrastructure VAN HELDEN APPE-RT Active
22-19 ROSE, MULVEY PCC Use for DOAC related bleeding CANCELLIERE APPE-RT Active
22-22 MCGOWAN Collaborative approach to hypertension and medication management GEDDAM APPE-RT Active
22-24 LUBCKE Evaluation of pediatric methotrexate monitoring before and after pharmacist note implementation BIEHL APPE-RT Active
22-29 PRADHAN, FALLON, FULCER Pharmacy Practice Initiative: Identifying barriers and improving compliance to Crizanlizumab infusion therapy in patients with Sickle cell disease NIXON APPE-RT Active
22-33 PARKER Routine anti-Xa monitoring for prophylactic dosing of enoxaparin in burn patients JACOBS APPE-RT Active


Dept Project # Principal Investigator(s) Title Assigned Project Trainee Status
21-55 TRAPSKIN, MABLY Medication Safety Strategic Planning and Redesign COSTELLO Master's
21-56 WEBB The Price is Right! Revamping Medication Pricing Structure for Ambulatory Pharmacies DRETSKE Master's
21-57 TEMPLE, LUDWIG Navigating Access and Optimizing Medication Infusions (NAOMI) in an Academic Medical Center JUSUFI Master's
21-58 VOEGELI, SCHENKAT Implementation of a Diversion Detection Software at UW Health GAILLARD Master's
21-36 CABLE Clarifying the CGM Conundrum SCHLEICHER PGY2 Active
21-40 GOMEZ Assessing and Addressing the Wave of Dual Biologic Therapy HLUKHENKA PGY2 Active
21-44 FISH ECMO Medication Dosing Guideline BARNES PGY2 Active
21-45 HALFPAP Expediting Antibiotic Order and Administration for Patients with Open Fractures VOLK PGY2 Active
21-46 SCHULZ Tracking and Reporting Antimicrobial Utilization and Resistance BAUS PGY2 Active
21-47 SCHULZ Assessment of Rapid Diagnostics in Intra-Abdominal Infections GANDHI PGY2 Active
21-48 ROSE Multicenter Analysis of Safety and Efficacy of Direct-Acting Oral Anticoagulant Utilization for Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism in Obesity SPERRY PGY2 Active
21-49 LUDWIG Transition to the Unity Platform for UW Health GRAY PGY2 Active
21-50 BERGSBAKEN Assessment of Pharmacist Driven High Risk Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting Protocol GARCIA-JENNINGS PGY2 Active
21-51 DOW-HILLGARTNER Tolerability Assessment of Highly Protein Bound Targeted Oral Anticancer Drugs in Patients with Hypoalbuminemia SADRAMELI PGY2 Active
21-52 BOGENSCHUTZ Perioperative Antimicrobial Use in a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit STONE PGY2 Active
21-53 JORGENSON Risk Factors and Outcomes of High Level CMV Viremia in Liver Transplant Recipients KLEIBOEKER PGY2 Active
21-03 ROSE Implementation of an Unfractionated Heparin Infusion Dosing Calculator GOESER PGY1 Active
21-04 WIEGEL Evaluation of VTE Prophylaxis with Subcutaneous Heparin in Kidney Transplant Recipients KANE PGY1 Active
21-07 FISH Decreasing Inappropriate Albumin Use KEENAN PGY1 Active
21-08 FISH Decrease Inappropriate Inpatient Hypertension Treatment SAMUEL PGY1 Active
21-11 ROSE Improving Safety and Efficiency of the Discharge Process with Pharmacist Pended Meds LEE PGY1 Active
21-16 HAGER Discharge to Specialty Pharmacy Referral System / Inpatient Prior Authorization Improvement ANDOH PGY1 Active
21-22 HARTKOPF/ROSE Creation and Implementation of IT Support for System-Wide Geriatric Patient Care ZEBRAKI PGY1 Active
21-29 SHAH Impact of Ketamine and Lidocaine on Opioid Requirements for Acute Pain HACKER PGY1 Active
21-39 BERGSBAKEN Management and Optimization of Alk+ Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors SANDHU PGY1 Active
21-42 HARNEY Medication Distribution Model Evaluation CLARK PGY1 Active
21-43 HARNEY Optimization of a Unit Dose Dispensing Model Using Novel Robotic Dispensing Systems SONSALLA PGY1 Active
21-54 HAGER Hospital at Home PLEWINSKI PGY1 Active
21-05 SCHULZ Clinical Outcomes Associated with Ceftolozane/Tazobactam Use in Respiratory Infections YANDRE APPE-RT Active
21-06 BAUS Impact of Delay of Probiotic Initiation on AAD And CDI Rates In Gen Med Patients FUNK APPE-RT Active
21-09 BRENNY Perioperative Optimization Of Senior Health (Posh) Clinic ERTZ APPE-RT Active
21-12 SCHULTZ Impact of Pharmacist Role in Appropriate Medication Use and Deprescribing in Home-Based Primary Care Program BUECHEL APPE-RT Active
21-13 FISH Guidance on Dosing of Medications in Liver Dysfunction KHAN APPE-RT Active
21-14 NINOS Evaluation of Stem Cell Transplant Pharmacist-Led Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea Delegation Protocol Management BRASEL APPE-RT Active
21-24 HARNEY Establish Respect for People in Action within Central Pharmacy KETTNER APPE-RT Active
21-25 HARNEY Expansion of Tech Training Standardization in Pharmacy Operations SCHOWALTER APPE-RT Active
21-28 BOECKELMAN Evaluation of Outpatient Pharmacy Meds to Beds program OLSZEWSKI APPE-RT Active
21-30 HARTKOPF Assessment of Diabetes Med Management Interventions by Primary Care Pharmacists WIAREK APPE-RT Active
21-35 VANDERLOO IV Levothyroxine Utilization Review and Improvement MILLER APPE-RT Active
21-37 HARTKOPF Optimizing Use of Epidiolex in Patients with Refractory Epilepsy GEORGIEVA APPE-RT Active


Dept Project # Principal Investigator(s) Title Assigned Project Trainee Status
20-12 SCHULZ Tracking and Reporting Antimicrobial Stewardship Impact WIMMER PGY2 Active
20-36 BOGENSCHUTZ Evaluation of management of pediatric patients with DKA (transition from ED/PICU/Gen Care) NACHREINER PGY2 Active
20-39 HALFPAP Expediting Antibiotic Order and Administration for Patients with Open Fractures KROLL PGY2 Active
20-40 TEMPLE, DEGOWIN Development of a Pharmacy Data Analysis and Informatics Course for a Clinical and Health Informatics Masters Program SHU PGY2 Active
20-42 FALLON High Dose Methotrexate Management Optimization HILLIS PGY2 Active
20-43 JARED, NINOS Impact of Post-Transplant Cyclophosphamide on Chronic and Acute Graft vs Host Disease following Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant STIENER PGY2 Active
20-44 FELIX Belatacept Use in Elderly Renal Transplant Recipients DURST PGY2 Active
20-45 LANGLEY, HARTKOPF Specialty Pharmacy Telehealth Services Design and Implementation FRIESTROM PGY2 Active
20-46 HARRISON Implementation and evaluation of a 340B program at a Rural Referral Center HALBACH PGY2 Active
20-47 HARNEY Implementation & Optimization of TraySafe for Increased Safety and Efficiency HALL PGY2 Active
20-48 HARNEY Replacement of a centralized robotic dispensing system to improve drug dispensing efficiency HANSON PGY2 Active
20-49 JOHNSTON Implementation of Vestigo for the Pharmaceutical Research Center IRVINE PGY2 Active
20-50 WEBB Standardization of Clinic Medication Workflows DANO PGY2 Active
20-52 FISH Improving Pain, Anxiety, and Delirium Practices in the ICU GARMOE PGY2 Active
20-53 HARTKOPF Aiming for the Target: Health System Partnership in Diabetes Management SCHULTZ PGY2 Active
20-02 EMANUELE Building stronger employees through an effective, competency based training program GRAY PGY1 Active
20-06 TRAPSKIN Pharmacist Shared Decision Making Consulting Service GARCIA-JENNINGS PGY1 Active
20-13 TRAPSKIN Hormonal Contraceptive Interactions: Medication Safety Initiative KLEIBOEKER PGY1 Active
20-26 SCHULZ Probiotics in General Medicine Patients: Are they useful? BAUS PGY1 Active
20-27 HAGER Pharmacist Role in Assessment for Readmission Root Causes: Inpatient and Ambulatory Pharmacist Mechanisms for Reducing Readmissions CORONATO PGY1 Active
20-28 HARNEY Implementation of new MedCarousels at University Hospital COSTELLO PGY1 Active
20-29 HARNEY Autoverification in the perioperative setting at UH, AFCH, and TAC GAILLARD PGY1 Active
20-30 SCHULZ Evaluation of antibiotic prescribing in pediatric ambulatory setting as impacted by telemedicine and COVID-19 STONE PGY1 Active
20-32 TRAPSKIN Delegation Protocol Documentation using EPIC Ivent Functionality JUSUFI PGY1 Active
20-35 BOGENSCHUTZ, VANDERLOO Evaluation of Antithrombin III (ATIII) use in AFCH (also UH?) BARNES PGY1 Active
20-37 SEAGREN Development and Implementation of a Pediatric Sepsis Tool NGO PGY1 Active
20-38 NINOS Outpatient BMT Conditioning RPh CINV Management NGUYEN PGY1 Active
20-41 BUSS Optimal Antibiotic Dosing in the Obese Patient Population PANOPOULOS PGY1 Active
20-51 EMANUELE, VOEGELI Next Generation Analytics in Pharmacy Workflow Management DRETSKE PGY1 Active
20-03 BERGSBAKEN Evaluation of the Impact of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting Pharmacist Delegation Protocol BLESSINGER APPE-RT Flip Active
20-05 GARMOE Impact Analysis of Pharmacist-led Antiseizure Medication Management Delegation Protocol SHERMAN APPE-RT Flip Active
20-09 LUBCKE Asparaginase ADE Monitoring Through Use of Pharmacist-driven EOC WRIGHT APPE-RT Flip Active
20-17 NINOS Pharmacist-Led Immunosuppression Dosing Delegation Protocol in Stem Cell Transplant Recipients HACKER APPE-RT Flip Active
20-01 WARD Improve Discharge Transition of Care for Patients at UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital AYCOCK APPE-RT Active
20-07 TRAPSKIN Clinical and Financial MUE of Suggamadex KEENAN APPE-RT Active
20-08 HOLDENER Value of Transplant Anemia Clinic TERRY APPE-RT Active
20-10 KEMPFERT Review of Operating Room Scopolamine Patch Order and Removal Order Placement LEWISTON APPE-RT Active
20-11 JONES Pregnancy Screening Compliance: Targeting Oral Chemotherapy Refill Requests ROUBAL APPE-RT Active
20-15 HEIMERL Sulfonylurea Deprescribing NOLAN APPE-RT Active
20-19 BRENNY Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health (POSH) 2.0 SANDHU APPE-RT Active
20-21 HEIMERL Pharmacist Impact on Hypertension Management in the Primary Care Setting BELMONTE APPE-RT Active


Dept Project # Principal Investigator(s) Title Assigned Project Trainee Project Status
19-61 HARTKOPF, HEIMERL, GOLDROSEN Development and Implementation of Medication Preference List Management Processes in Primary Care STEWART PGY2 Active
19-62 JORGENSON, FOSE, GOLDROSEN Impact of Pharmacist Management of Cytomegalovirus Preemptive Monitoring on Prophylaxis Success & Infection Related Outcomes WONG PGY2 Active
19-63 SCHNEIDERMAN, BOGENSCHUTZ Development and Implementation of a Pain, Agitation and Delirium Management Protocol for Critically Ill Pediatric Patients WYNES PGY2 Active
19-64 BERGSBAKEN, FALLON Development and Implementation of Expanded Pharmacist Involvement on UW Health's Personalized Medicine Molecular Tumor Board PRZYBYLSKI PGY2 Active
19-65 HALFPAP, STEFFENHAGEN Implementation of Auto-Verification for Low Risk Medications in the Emergency Department BIENVENIDA PGY2 Active
19-66 BUSS, SCHULZ Evaluation of Itraconazole, Posaconazole, and Voriconazole Post-Load Levels to Estimate Steady State Levels CUA PGY2 Active
19-67 ROSE, ROBERTSON, PATTERSON Standardization of DOAC management across the University of Wisconsin health system BURDICK PGY2 Active
19-68 FISH Severe Alcohol Withdrawal in the ICU -Algorithm SCHMIDT PGY2 Active
19-69 DOW-HILLGARTNER, PICCOLO Pharmacists Role in Managing Cancer Associated Cardiotoxicities FAHEY PGY2 Active
19-15 TEMPLE Pharmacy Workload Metric Refinement SHU PGY1 Active
19-16 NINOS Pharmacist-Led Immunosuppression Dosing Delegation Protocol in Stem Cell Transplant Recipients STEINER PGY1 Active
19-17 LANGLEY Specialty Pharmacy Space & Workflow Redesign to Improve Operational Efficiency HALL PGY1 Active
19-19 LANGLEY Developing the Infrastructure and Processes for a Specialty Pharmacy Outcomes Reporting/Research Program FRIESTROM PGY1 Active
19-21 MABLY Increasing Possession of Naloxone by Cancer Patients on Opioids KLATT PGY1 Active
19-22 JONES, TEMPLE Creating WHPUOS Standards for Oncology Clinic Pharmacists IRVINE PGY1 Active
19-23 HAWK, LAUSCHER Anti-epileptic drug (AED) cross titration protocol GARMOE PGY1 Active
19-24 HICKS Optimization of pharmacist-led oral chemotherapy outreach using a risk-stratification scoring tool HILLIS PGY1 Active
19-26 WIDMER Implementation of Omnicell XR2 HALBACH PGY1 Active
19-39 SEAGREN, CHRISTENSEN Review of tobramycin dosing in pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis IMBURGIA PGY1 Active
19-48 SCHULZ Validation of Vizient CDB-RM database/Creation of national benchmark tool KROLL PGY1 Active
19-53 ROSE Heparin Dosing Calculator NACHREINER PGY1 Active
19-58 DOUGHERTY Evaluation and Implementation of a Pain Agitation and Delirium Protocol in Post-Surgical Cardio-thoracic Patients WIMMER PGY1 Active
19-59 WEBB Implementation of a high-risk compounding practice to insource high-risk compounded products and mitigate drug shortages DANO PGY1 Active
19-60 VOEGELI Pharmacist Workflow Management HANSON PGY1 Active
19-70 VOEGELI, WIDMER, EMANUELE Implementation of an Inpatient Pharmacy Operations Dashboard to Increase Workload Transparency and Optimize Efficiency HALBACH PGY1 Active
19-01 JARED Evaluation of flat-dose growth factor after autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma KIM APPE-RT Active
19-04 BERGSBAKEN Utilization and evaluation of noncore chemotherapy regimens: follow-up after modification to institutional regimen approval processes GARCIA-JENNINGS APPE-RT Active
19-08 HARTKOPF Smart Meds Program - Data Collection and Analysis BAGNELL APPE-RT Active
19-35 KERSTENETZKY POSH Clinic continuation and evaluation FLESCH APPE-RT Active
19-40 BOGENSCHUTZ Evaluation of antibiotic use and monitoring in pediatric patients with strips and grids neuro intervention DEGRAVE APPE-RT Active
19-41 BOGENSCHUTZ Evaluation of IV acetaminophen use in neonatal intensive care unit follow removal of formulary restriction WILKE APPE-RT Active
19-02 DOW Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Optimization of Pharmacy Services in Toxicity Management (Fahey) GRAY APPE-RT Flip Active
19-03 HAGER Acute Kidney Injury Prevention: Implementation of an Adult Nephrotoxic Injury Reduction Tool (Stencel) URBAS APPE-RT Flip Active
19-05 REED Admission Process Redesign (Parker) SKUBITZ APPE-RT Flip Active
19-06 ALBERT Vaccine Compliance Rates in Post-Splenectomy Patients at an Academic Medical Center (Yau) DRETSKE APPE-RT Flip Active
19-07 BEREI Thromboelastography (TEG) Optimized Blood Product and Factor Usage in Cardiac Surgery (Bienvenida) EARLL APPE-RT Flip Active
19-31 CINNAMON Guideline-Adherent Prescribing for Treatment of Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia Through Health Information Technology Tools NGO APPE-RT Flip Active
19-14 BEREI Evaluation of Antithrombotic Selection in Cardiovascular Patients Requiring Oral Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapy YOUNGCHILD, ROUBAL, SHEEHAN Intern Active
19-29 HARTKOPF Characterization of pharmacist intervention types accepted by providers in primary care LATTOS, KENT, NOLAN Intern Active
19-44 BOGENSCHUTZ, STRAYER Azithromycin dosing regimen evaluation in pediatric patients AYCOCK, BLESSINGER, SEO Intern Active
19-49 STEFFENHAGEN Alteplase replacing SCHNEIDER, KEENAN, TERRY Intern Active
19-13 BEREI Evaluation of Sacubitril-Valsartan (Entresto) Initiation and Titration in the Ambulatory Setting SKUBITZ DPh Active

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