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Student Center - Summer Session Credit Overload


This document outlines the recommended process for a session credit overload request.


Students are limited to course enrollment equal to one credit per week of session. The eight-week general session allows for 9 credits over the session period.

The enrollment system does not allow students to enroll for more credits than their credit limit.

In addition to the session credit limit, undergraduate students will be allowed to enroll in a maximum of 12 credits across the duration of the summer term. Students must contact their academic dean’s office to inquire about exceptions.

Note: Undergraduate and special students will be responsible for any additional tuition that is assessed as a result of exceeding their maximum credit load for the summer term.

Graduate and professional school students should check with their academic dean regarding maximum credit loads.

Summer Session Credit Overload Request

  1. Add classes until the Maximum Session Credit Load has been reached.
  2. Contact your academic dean’s office to see if a credit overload exception is likely to be considered. (L&S students can get information and make requests for overloads on the L&S Policies and Forms site).
  3. If advised by the academic dean’s office to proceed with submission of a formal request, go to MyUW > Student Center > Manage Classes > Course Change Request. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Use this section to request a late add of a class” and add the five digit course number for the course that would result in an overload. For detailed instructions, see: SIS/Managing Your Enrollment - Student Center: Course Change Request.
  4. Save the request, print the form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and take the form to their academic dean’s office for approval. The “Dean” signature will be completed after the form is submitted to the academic dean’s office.
  5. The academic dean’s office will approve or deny the request.
  6. If approved, the Office of the Registrar will finalize enrollment into the class.
  7. If denied, the academic dean’s office will notify you.

Session Code Description

The three-character Session Code for each session indicates the following:

  • First Letter: The week in which course begins (A = week one, B = week two, C = week three, etc...)
  • Second Letter: The number of weeks the course spans through the semester (A = one week, B = two weeks, etc...)
  • Third Letter: The number of weeks of instruction (A = one week, B = two weeks, etc...)

The typical summer Session Code is DHH, the general eight-week session:

  • D = Fourth week
  • H = 8 weeks of session
  • H = 8 weeks of instruction

View dates and deadlines by session here.

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