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Course Search & Enroll - Class Not Appearing on Scheduler


This document explains the issue of classes not appearing on the scheduler and how you can work around it.

November 2021- Issue seems to have been resolved. Removing the link from search and KB docs, link is still available using the url in case this issue resurfaces.

What it means:

Unfortunately, this is an issue we have yet to resolve.
However, please note that this issue, while inconvenient, will not affect your enrollment in any way.

Missing class on scheduler

What to do:

    1. Go your cart and remove the selected course.
    2. Go back to the Search screen and click on the course with the same number (LEGAL ST 400) that has a general name.
    3. Click the "See Sections" button.

      Select general course, then select section

    1. Select the desired section and click the "Save Section" button.

      Select section

  1. Go back to the Scheduler. The course should now appear.

    Scheduler now correct

In case you have followed the directions but the issue persists, consider enrolling to the course directly from your Cart. For instruction, see Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes

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OwnerDanielle C.GroupOffice of the Registrar
Created2019-11-12 16:51:43Updated2023-09-11 11:07:48
SitesDoIT Help Desk, Office of the Registrar
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