Top Documents of the Week

  1. Word (Mac) - How to password protect and encrypt a document
  2. LastPass - Downloading the LastPass Browser Extensions/Desktop Apps/Mobile Apps
  3. Palo Alto: Firewall Log Viewing and Filtering
  4. Excel (Win) - How to password protect and encrypt a workbook
  5. LastPass - What if I am Unable to Recover My Master Password?
  6. Palo Alto: Making URL Exceptions To Your URL-Filtering Security Profiles
  7. Palo Alto: Security Zones, Profiles and Policies (Rules)
  8. Excel (Mac) - How to password protect and encrypt a workbook
  9. Palo Alto: HIP Features - VPN, Host-Info and Firewall Security
  10. LastPass - Opting-in and Activating Your LastPass Enterprise Account
  11. LastPass - What Happens to My Shared Folders When I Leave the University?
  12. LastPass - How do I import passwords from KeePass?
  13. LastPass - How Do I Get LastPass to Auto-Fill the Right Credentials (Add Sub-Domains)?
  14. LastPass - What’s the Difference Between LastPass Enterprise, LastPass Premium, and LastPass Free Accounts?
  15. Cisco AMP - Running a Scan from the Local GUI
  16. Encryption - Types of encryption and key concepts
  17. LastPass - Can I Have More Than One Account or Account Type?
  18. Recommended Antivirus Solutions & Cybersecurity Roadmap
  19. CyberArk - Safes
  20. Palo Alto: Security Policies
  21. Built-in Protection for macOS
  22. Trend Micro - Installing Trend Micro AV on Your Personally Owned macOS Device
  23. LastPass - How Do I Link/Unlink My LastPass Premium/LastPass Free Account to/from My LastPass Enterprise Account?
  24. Palo Alto Firewalls: Creating Custom Reports
  25. OneTrust - Risk Management Workflow

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