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Conference Room 179

This document contains information about features available in Biochemistry Room 179 and instructions for using AV equipment.

Room 179 is located in the Hector F. DeLuca Biochemistry Labs Building at 433 Babcock Drive.

Reservation Calendar Reservation Information  

Reservation Name: BIOC-433Babcock-179-Conf

Room Features

  • Capacity: 25
  • Projector
    • Wired Inputs: HDMI, VGA
    • Wireless Inputs: Apple AirPlay, Miracast, Webex Share
  • Smartboard
  • Cisco Video Conferencing System (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet)
  • Microphones and Speakers
  • Lighting Controls

Room 179


Projector and Screen

The projector and screen are controlled by the Cisco Video Conference System touch panel. The touch panel also controls the video input selection.

Please make sure the projector is off when you leave the room. To turn the projector off click the Settings icon at the top right and select Standby.

Wired Video Input Options

Wired video input is selected in the Room Controls area on the touch panel in the Source Selection area. Once you have selected the appropriate video input you may have to select Share Screen on the main page and click View in the Selected Source option.

  • HDMI / VGA Adapter

Wireless Video Input Options

  • Apple AirPlay
  • Miracast
  • Webex Share

For wireless screen share instructions, see Hybrid Conferencing - How to Share Content Wirelessly to Webex Devices. Wireless video input is selected in the Share Screen area on the touch panel. Simply select the appropriate wireless source option.

Cisco Conferencing Telephone

The Cisco Video Conference System is able to act as a telephone. The call will come through the room’s speakers and will accept any of the microphone inputs. The phone number for the room is displayed on the top left corner of the touch screen.

To place a call, press the Call button on the touch screen. You can then press the number button or the number pad button (see example below) to be able to enter a phone number. Use the standard campus Cisco VoIP - Dialing patterns like you would on a desk phone to place your call. Use the information from the Microphones/Speakers section to control speaker volume, muting, etc.

Cisco Video Conferencing

This Cisco Video Conferencing system (touch panel) supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Google Meet. There are multiple ways to join a meeting using the touch panel in the room.

Video Conferencing - Join a Cloud Meeting from a Cisco Conferencing System

Option 1: The Room was Invited to the Meeting Directly

If your meeting was scheduled by inviting the room to the meeting, a button should appear shortly before the meeting begins allowing you to directly join. This is the easiest method to join a video conference meeting.

Option 2: Manually Join a Meeting from the Room

You can also manually join a meeting. To do so, select the appropriate meeting type on the touch panel. Once prompted, you can enter the required meeting information (room number, password, etc.) or you can visit and provided links and invite the room to your meeting.

Microphones and Speakers

The master volume is controlled by the volume settings on the Video Conference System.

Microphones can be muted by pressing the mute button on either tabletop microphone.

Lighting Controls

The lighting can be controlled from either of two control panels, one located by the door, and another at the front of the room near the projector. The lighting control panels offer five lighting levels.

  • Top Button – Full Lighting – Activates all programmable lights in the room – 10 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Second Button – 50% Lighting – Dims lighting to approximately 50% – 5 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Third Button – 30% Lighting – Dims lighting to approximately 30%, no lights on screen – 5 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Fourth Button – 40% Table Lights Only – This option only uses lights directly over the tables and dims them to approximately 40% – 5 second delay to allow eyes to adjust
  • Off – 10 second delay to allow eyes to adjust

Note: The smartboard does not work well with the lights on full brightness, it works well on lighting option two and best with the third or fourth options.

Please make sure all lights are off when you leave the room.


The Smartboard offers a number of unique features and capabilities that may be of interest:

  • Annotate presentations/screen
  • Display a whiteboard next to your presentation (split screen)
  • Whiteboard capabilities
    • Use the two interactive pens and your finger as unique input devices
    • Change any input device color, line thickness, etc.
    • Have multiple whiteboards (up to 50) and move between them
    • Duplicate whiteboards
    • Save your whiteboards to a USB drive and open them back up again later
    • Open images from a USB drive to display on the whiteboard

Note: The whiteboard features will work best on lighting settings that don’t shine on the screen. The whiteboard won’t work well on lighting option one and may have some interference on setting two. The whiteboard will work best on settings three and four.

Annotate Presentations/Screen

Approach the Smartboard with one of the two interactive pens and the whiteboard interface will appear. Controls are similar to the Whiteboard Usage section below.

Detailed Instructions

Display a Whiteboard Next to Your Presentation (Split Screen)

Option 1: Approach the Smartboard with one of the two interactive pens and click  

Option 2: Press the Split button on the remote

You can adjust the size of the split by clicking the ≪≫ option and dragging to your desired split size.

Whiteboard Usage

Detailed instructions are available from Epson. Brief instructions are below.

Turning on Whiteboard

Press the Whiteboard button on the control panel next to the Smartboard to enable the whiteboard function.


You can interact with the whiteboard using either of the two interactive pens or your finger.  Each pen and your finger can be configured to perform different actions as well. As an example, you can have one pen draw red, one draw blue, and your finger draw black. You also could have one pen draw a thin line, the other a medium line, and your finger a thick line.

By default, clicking the button on the pen will put it in eraser mode. Click again to return to drawing mode.

Drawing Toolbar

You can activate the drawing toolbar by pressing . Full details about the available toolbar functions are available here.

Inserting Images

Images in JPG, PDF, and PNG formats can be loaded from a USB drive. Connect the USB drive to the control panel next to the Smartboard. Instructions for inserting and manipulating images are available here.

Control Toolbar

The control toolbar is available at the bottom of the screen. The control toolbar allows you to open files to insert, add additional whiteboards (up to 50), navigate through whiteboards, save whiteboards, zoom, etc. Detailed instructions for the different options are available here.

Saving Whiteboards to USB

You can save your whiteboard pages as PDF, EWF, or PNG files and select the location where you want to store your files. Press the save icon in the control toolbar to save your whiteboard(s). Detailed instructions are available here.

Need Additional Assistance?

If you need immediate assistance please try the following phone numbers:

Biochem IT – 608-265-4695
Biochemistry External Relations – 608-262-0622
Biochemistry Front Desk – 608-262-3040

To report an equipment issue or for other concerns, see Get Help from Biochemistry IT!.

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