ECMS - ImageNow: How to move a scanning station that uses Kofax/VRS

This document explains how to move a scanning station that uses Kofax/VRS
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ImageNow: How to move a scanning station that uses Kofax/VRS

Please note that the ECM/Imaging team does not provide support for Kofax VRS software or your scanning hardware. The following document is an aid only based on information provided by Lexmark.

Warning: Per Kofax, failure to correctly remove the Kofax software and deactivate the license could result in a permanent suspension of the license if the Kofax VRS software was purchased from Kofax. Should this happen the only recourse is to repurchase the Kofax VRS license. It should be noted this is a Kofax policy, a Kofax license is not the ImageNow CaptureNow for Adrenaline license that is purchased and supported by Lexmark.

The following is a list of steps necessary to perform a scan station move. Some steps may not apply, depending on the scanning hardware and software used.

  1. Determine the ImageNow workpath on the scanning computer, typically "%APPDATA\ImageNow"
  2. Using Windows Explorer browse to the workpath and copy the indevice.xml and inscan.xml files onto a network drive or a portable drive. These files will allow quick creation of the ImageNow scan device and capture profiles on the new scanning computer.
  3. Using Windows Explorer browse to [drive]:\Program Files\Kofax\Imgctls\Bin\Profiles and make a copy of any Kofax VRS profiles (image processing files). These files end with a .cps file extension.
  4. Click Start, click Programs, click Kofax VRS and then click Register VRS and record the software license key information (e.g., take a screenshot/print of the screen).
  5. Login to ImageNow as a manager user.
  6. On the ImageNow toolbar, click Settings, click Options, and then click Capture.
  7. Under Scanning Profiles, click Manage Device List. Select the scan device to be removed and then click Delete. When prompted to release the token, click Yes. This will free up the CaptureNow license token to be used on the new scanning computer.
  8. If the original scan station is unavailable, an alternative is to have the ImageNow administrator manually release the scanner token. If this is necessary send an email to and someone will contact you.

Releasing the Kofax software license and ImageNow Client per seat license

If your version of Kofax VRS is a software licensed version you have purchased, you will need to release the Kofax VRS licenses by following the steps below:

  1. Uninstall any Kofax-related programs through Windows Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs (for example, Kofax Virtual Rescan 4.x.)
  2. During removal there may be a prompt asking to keep or remove the license on the computer. Click No to remove the license from the computer.
  3. Additionally, if one is installed, remove the 650 Adrenaline SCSI card from the computer (this will require that you open the computer case for card removal--you may require Desktop Support assistance if your department has contracts in place for such services).
  4. Note: If an error was returned during the VRS license deactivation, go to Kofax's VRS Deactivation page to manually deactivate a VRS license.

Kofax KB documentation suggests that one installs the Kofax VRS software on the new scanning station and puts the .cps files in the same location on the new as they were on the old computer.

The steps for setting up the new scanning station will depend on whether or not the new scanner is the same model as previously used. The following link provides information on the CaptureNow system setup and using the .xml files copied in the steps above: ECMS - Updating a scanning workstation.

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