ECMS - Login to the Perceptive Content Desktop Client (Imaging)

BEFORE THIS STEP: You need to have a functioning Perceptive Content Desktop Client installed on your Windows computer. [If not, please refer your desktop support to ECMS KnowledgeBase document 133027, Install and Configure Perceptive Content Desktop Client (Imaging).]

This document describes how to log into the Perceptive Content Desktop Client on your Windows computer in order to access the University's Imaging Service.

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Log into Perceptive Content Desktop Client to Use Imaging Service

    1. Locate the Perceptive Content shortcut Icon for Perceptive Content Desktop Shortcut.png on your desktop, and double-click to open.  Or, use the Windows Start Menu Start Menu to locate the Perceptive Content program Icon for Perceptive Content Program File and click to open.

    2. If your login screen shows a spot for a username and password like below, click <<Connection Profiles in the upper left hand corner of the login window.

      Initial login screen

    3. Under "Select a profile" choose "ECMS Production".

      Select a connection profile

    4. In the next screen click the [Connect] button.

      Click the Connect button to continue

    5. If you do NOT have a connection profile labeled "ECMS Production" or you do not see a screen as shown in step 4, you will need to configure your connection profile. To configure your connection profile please see this KB article Creating Imaging Account Connection Profiles
    6. After you click the "Connect" button iin Step 4 above, you will be taken to the Universities of Wisconsin WAYF* page. Select your organization from the  drop down list and click "Go".
    7. Authenticate using your organization's credentials (e.g., NetID for UW Madison and PantherID for UW Milwaukee).
    8. The Perceptive Content Toolbar displays items to which you have access. Your access depends upon your security privileges. From the toolbar, you can view, scan, process, and search for documents.

      Perceptive Content Toolbar

    9. To exit or disconnect from the Perceptive Content desktop client, click on the Connect menu item, and choose either Disconnect or Exit.

      Menu option to Disconnect or Exit

    * "Universities of Wisconsin" is the new name for "UW System" and their WAYF page is how they ask you "Where Are You From?"

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