ECMS - Dance Department - Waiver Form Viewing Instructions

This document provides the steps for view Dance Department waiver forms in the Imaging System web client.

How to view Dance Department Waiver Forms

If you use a non-UW-Madison network (from home, from a coffee shop, from an airport, while at another institution on business) you must first connect using WiscVPN to gain access to the Waiver Forms via the provided web client. For more information, see

The same applies to students should they attempt to load the Waiver Form from off campus. If they attempt to open the form from off campus, they can successfully login to MyUW, but on trying to load the form they will see this error:


They must either use WiscVPM (see previous link) or use a computer from a campus location (e.g., a laptop connected to a campus network like UWNet, or a computer in one of the computer labs).

  1. Use a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are recommended) and go to:
  2. Click on the link for Login to Perceptive Experience on the left navigation to login to the Imaging System web client Perceptive Experience
  3. On the UW-System service page, you will be prompted to select the UW-Madison campus from the provided dropdown menu; you will be redirected to the UW-Madison login page
  4. On the UW-Madison Login page enter your campus, NetID and password on the UW system login page; a two-factor login page will appear
  5. Respond to the Two-Factor DUO authentication process
  6. The Web Client that opens is called Perceptive Experience; you logout using the icon in the upper right; use the green icon at the upper left to return to this Home page
  7. Once you have logged into Perceptive Experience select Documents
  8. There are two options for finding waiver forms -- a Prompted Search, and a Manual Search. The Prompted search will require an exact course number to work correctly. The Manual Search is a bit more forgiving and you can use "Starts With" or "Contains" without having to know the complete, correct course number. You can also search by a student's name using Manual Search. What follows is first a screen shot of the Prompted Search, then the steps to do a Manual Search.
  9. Prompted Search
    1. First click on the triangle next to "A_DANCE_RSView" to reveal the Prompted Search item. The Prompted Search initiates when you click on it. Simply enter the full and complete course number and click on OK. The document view will change to show only documents for the entered course number.
  10. Manual Search
    1. Click on the A_DANCE_RSView item
    2. Set up Search to filter the results
      1. Click in the "Search A_DANCE_RSView:" field
      2. Add Constraint will appear to allow adding search conditions in this format:
        1. A Imaging System document key, in this case a key for the Waiver Form, e.g., Name, CourseNum, TERM, etc., the dropdown shows all available document keys depending on your access to this or other Imaging System documents; select keys that are relevent for the Waiver Form
        2. A moderator, e.g. "starts with", "contains", etc. (the dropdown shows available moderators); the less specific the search the longer it may take and the more results are returned; greater specificity is desired
        3. A search term, should be relevant to the document key, e.g., CourseNum should be a Dance Dept course number, a TERM should be entered per the format shown below, etc.
      3. Limit the search by Course Number
        1. In the Add Constraint: bar click on the first dropdown presented and select 'CourseNum'
        2. Tab twice; in the right-most field type your course number, e.g., 741-140-001
        3. Leave 'starts with' moderator as is
        4. Click the Add button and the constraint you entered will be added; confirm that it is correct
        5. If not, click on the Search item to enable edit and go back four steps
      4. Limit the search to froms from the current TERM
        1. Click on the Add button in the Add Constraint: bar and a new Add Constraint: will appear
        2. In the new Add Constraint: bar click onthe first dropdown presented and cursor down and select 'TERM', then press Return
        3. Tab twice and type in the current TERM; the format is 1YYS (1, Y for year, S for semester), where YY is 2-digit ACADEMIC year and S is 2 for Fall, 4 for Spring, or 6 for Summer semesters, e.g., 1172 is FALL of the 2016-17 Academic Year
        4. Click on the Add button
      5. The Search Bar should have something like: [CourseNum starts with "742-141-001"] AND [TERM starts with "1172"]
        Note this next example has an incorrect first search item; it should be CourseNum starts with 741-1-001 and not Name starts with 741-1-011. To fix it click on the Search constraint and you can reselect the document key to use, in this case as the image shows, click on CourseNum and it will replace the incorrect Name
    3. Click the Search button at the right side
    4. A list of documents will be shown that match the search criteria
    5. The results will show ALL Waiver Form documents currently in the system for the TERM specified; in this screenshot there is only a single test document, once Dance students begin using this process there will be more results
    6. Click on the column header for Student Name to sort by student name to make finding them easier
    7. Click on the column header a second time to reverse the sort
    8. Double-Click on a document in the results list to open it and see its content
    1. There are several "panes" in the document view you can toggle off and on, indicated by [A] and [B] and arrows; the button [A] points to on the top-right closes the thumbnail pane on the left; the button [B] points to on the top-right closes the Document Properties pane on the right
    2. Scroll through the document to view the Waiver Form as entered by the student
  11. Use the logout icon at the top-right of the Perceptive Experience client to exit the client

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