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Consumer Box accounts migrating to UW-Madison Box Enterprise beginning June 1st, 2021

Posted: 2021-05-10 05:00:00   Expiration: 2021-08-31 14:17:04

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2021-05-10 05:00:00. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Individuals who created free consumer Box accounts using a UW-Madison Office 365 email address will be notified of the upcoming migration and provided additional details and optional steps they can take before the migration takes place.

How does the migration work?

  1. If the consumer account was set up with a email address and it maps to a Box eligible NetID, it will be converted into a UW-Madison Enterprise account and the account and its data will be immediately available.
  2. If the consumer account was set up with a or subdomain alternate email address, the account will be converted and any data will be transferred to the corresponding Box eligible NetID account and stored in a folder that reflects the name of the original account.
  3. If the consumer account was set up with a Service Account email address or a that does NOT map to a Box eligible NetID, the owner will need to provide us with the username of the UW-Madison Box account or Project Directory that they want the data transferred to. Send email to

    Note: If we do not receive this information, we will transfer and hold contents in a Project Directory owned by the Box Service Admin for 1 year to allow time for the account owner to come forward.

  4. After the data transfer, a or subdomain email address associated with the converted account will be automatically added as an alternate address on the UW-Madison Enterprise account at next login. Service Account owners will have the option to add the email address to their UW-Madison Enterprise account following instructions in the KB: Linking Alternate Addresses.

Optional steps to consider before your consumer account is migrated:

  1. Do nothing. We will take care of transferring your consumer account data to your UW-Madison account.
  2. Access your consumer Box account. This is an opportunity for you to review what is stored in or has been shared with your consumer account. It is always a good practice to store personal data separate from university data.
  3. Make note of collaborator relationships in your consumer Box account.
    • Content owned by the free consumer account and shared with collaborators is preserved across the account conversion and content transfer.
    • Content shared with the free consumer account will no longer be available after the conversion. However, there are some things you can do to try and preserve collaborator relationships:
    • For all other sharing situations the individuals will need to request that the content owner re-share with their UW-Madison box account.
  4. Don’t want your account converted? Replace your UW-Madison email address with a personal email address (e.g. to prevent your free consumer Box account from combining with your enterprise account. See how to Update Primary Email Address on a Consumer Account for instructions.

Important: You have two weeks from the date you receive your notification to take any action on your consumer Box account before the automatic migration to the UW-Madison Box Enterprise takes place.

What are some advantages of storing data in a UW-Madison Enterprise account?

  • Ability to separate your university data from personal data.
  • File upload limit of 15GB vs. only 250MB in a free consumer account.
  • Larger storage quota (only 10GB of storage available in a free consumer account)
  • Project Directories are available to accommodate shared project data and eliminate risk of losing data due to the owner leaving the university.
  • Data stored in your enterprise account is protected under UW-Madison’s license agreement.
  • UW-Madison Enterprise accounts are supported by the DoIT Help Desk.

-- UW-Madison Box Team