Library Technology Group (LTG) Help Desk

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm

General Assistance

Current Issues & Updates

Check for Current Issues

The System Problems page contains a list of all current issues.  The links on the System Problems page are also present in the "Outages" sidebar section of this KB.

While we might already know about an issue, please do contact us if you're unsure or have additional information about an issue.  For helpful terms to use when reporting an issue, please refer to this KB (How Things Work: Glossary - Library Technology Group (LTG)).

Check for Updates via Social Media

Check for Updates via Social Media
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*Division of Information Technology

After-Hours / Emergency Contact

Please call (608) 262-8880, then follow the instructions for reaching our on-call staff.  If you need to reach our answering service directly, please call (608) 262-3316; that person will contact our on-call staff.

Additional Information

Some library services are hosted off campus and may remain functional during campus system outages.  The two most notable services are Alma and email via Microsoft 365, although authentication into email may be affected during a campus system outage.