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Information about L&S governance, administrative & office organization, staff, committees, IT information and other administrative resources.

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1Communications from L&S Teaching & Learning Administration1166562024-07-105625
2L&S Lumen/Guide Policy & Style Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs953622023-02-234430
3L&S Curriculum Committee: Agenda and Notes1268062024-07-181299
4L&S Deadlines for Course and Program Changes199962024-07-1636643
5L&S Student Assistant Appointment Letters222882024-07-1619008
6Teaching about Race/Racism for Grad Students [Campus login required]1127072024-07-1016
7L&S Admin Topic of the Month [Campus login required]251312024-06-288369
8L&S AOF Resources264772024-06-0512392
9Administrative Review of L&S Course Proposals759572024-06-035491
10L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Bylaws451902024-06-035863
11L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Bylaws451812024-06-036435
12UW Fund Numbers - What The First Three Digits Tell You230702024-06-0313268
13L&S Academic Planning Council199832024-05-307296
14Who Serves on the L&S Academic Planning Council199562024-05-3014398
15L&S Departments, Programs, Centers & Institutes by Divisional Associate Dean222402024-05-2871958
16L&S Undergraduate Student Academic Services & Support216552024-05-109539
17L&S Academic Planning Council Meeting - Agendas and Notes272882024-05-0213034
18L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Agendas and Minutes451872024-05-028335
19L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Agendas and Minutes452182024-05-029371
20L&S Chairs, Directors, and Department Administrator Plenary [Campus login required]1072602024-04-2311
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