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HelioCampus AC - DESL - Frequently Asked Questions [UW-Madison]

This document answers some frequently asked questions about direct evidence of student learning (DESL).

What if I want to un-publish an assignment after linking in DESL?

You can un-publish a Canvas assignment and the linking to the course learning outcome is retained. However, you must not edit any linking for that CLO. If you do, the un-published assignment link is lost.  

What if I change an assessment after linking?

You can make changes to any assessment. If the assignment should be linked to a different outcome, just edit the linking for that CLO. Note: Make sure you do not edit any CLO that has un-published assignments. 

What if I change the name of a DESL linked assignment?

DESL is matching on assignment ID, so you can change the name of the assignment without loosing the linking.

Why do I see both program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes when linking?

If your program has created a curriculum map in HelioCampus AC to collect evidence that program learning outcomes (PLOs) are being achieved, PLOs will be listed along with CLOs. 

Can the assignment linking copy to the next semester?

Assignment linking is copied the next time the same instructor is teaching the same course. Note: For Pharmacy, it copies no matter who is teaching.

How are course learning outcomes linked to program learning outcomes?

When the program curriculum map is created, courses are linked to PLOs. If CLOs are listed, these can also be linked to a PLO.

How do I set up a program curriculum map?

It is important that the initial curriculum map is created correctly. Contact Learn@UW-Madison at to express interest in creating a curriculum map for Program DESL.

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