AEFIS - Survey Instance - Stopping a Survey Schedule (Admin) [UW-Madison}

This document explains how to stop a survey schedule. AEFIS administrators may need to stop a survey schedule if it has been replaced by a new schedule, or if they just wish to prevent it from launching next semester.


Navigating to a Survey Schedule

  1. Log into AEFIS with your NetID credentials.
  2. Select the Menu button (three stacked lines, upper-left corner) open the AEFIS main menu.
    AEFIS menu button: three stacked lines
  3. Under the Surveys header, select Survey Schedules
    AEFIS main menu is open, with "Survey Schedules" highlighted

  4. The Available Survey Schedules page lists all of the surveys you administer. Find your survey and select Manage on the right side of the page.

You should now be at the home page for your Survey Schedule. 

Stopping a Survey

  1. Open the Actions drop-down menu
    "Actions" drop-down menu is highlighted
  2. Select Stop
    "actions" menu is open, with "stop" highlighted
  3. AEFIS will ask you if you want to stop the survey. ALL survey instances of this survey schedule in progress will also be stopped. Select Stop Survey Schedule.
    AEFIS displays a popup window as described in step 3

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