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Blackboard Collaborate Original - Rotating Permissions (UW-Madison)

How to rotate permissions in Blackboard Collaborate.

(Note: This is for Blackboard Collaborate Original only, if you are looking for help or information on Collaborate Ultra, go here

    If you are planning on having more than six people in your session use the video and/or audio tools at some point or if more than one person needs to control the Whiteboard, Application Sharing or Web Tour tools you will need to rotate those permissions. Collaborate only allows six simultaneous videos and audio streams.  You can rotate permissions in one of two ways.  First, you can simply enable the tool, such as audio, for all participants and ask participants to turn off their tool when they are not using it, making sure that no more than 6 participants are trying to use it at the same time.  If you want a fairly unstructured, free-flowing kind of meeting this is a good approach.

    The second way is to only give out the permission to the specified number of people at any given time. I.e., only allow six participants to have "audio" and "video" enabled at any given time.  You can rotate those permissions by disabling an active participant's permission and enabling a non-active participant's permission.  To rotate the permissions simply click the tool icon to the right of the active participant's name in the participant's panel until there is a red x through that tool.  Then you can give that permission to another participant by clicking on the tool icon to the right of their name until the red x disappears. 
    (Note: We recommend that you use the second method of rotating permissions until you feel you have enough experience to channel and control the potential chaos of allowing everyone to have their tools' permissions enabled)

    Similarly with the Whiteboard, Application Sharing and Web Tour you need to first turn off or disable the permission for that tool for the host moderator (which is you unless you overrode the default settings for the session).  After you have disabled your own permission for that tool, you can then enable it for one and only one person.
    (Note: if you grant audio and video permissions to more than six participants, or if you grant Whiteboard, Application Sharing and Web Tour permissions for more than one person, only those who originally had the permissions can use those tools.  In other words, it may look like someone has the permissions to use one of those tools but they will not be able to unless one of the original six, in the case of video and audio, or the moderator, in the case of the other three, either turns the tool off or has their permission for that tool disabled)

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