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Kaltura - CaptureSpace - Screen, Webcam, and Audio Recording (UW-Madison)

Kaltura has developed new screen and video recording software, Kaltura Capture, also known as Kaltura Personal Capture. Some dates to be aware of:

  • Tuesday, April 16th: Kaltura Capture was made available to the UW-Madison campus.
  • Friday, May 17th: The CaptureSpace installer download was disabled to encourage users to move to Kaltura Capture. Users who have previously installed CaptureSpace could use it until June 14th.
  • Saturday, June 1: Kaltura no longer supports CaptureSpace. Users could use it through June 14. After June 14, users are no longer able to upload captures directly to Kaltura MediaSpace.
  • Saturday, June 15th: Uploads from CaptureSpace to MediaSpace were disabled as Kaltura support for CaptureSpace ended. Users should use Kaltura Capture from June 15th on.

Recordings created from either software will continue to exist in Kaltura MediaSpace after June 15, 2019.

CaptureSpace was a screen, webcam, and microphone recording tool formerly available to UW-Madison instructors, staff, and students. Users should now use Kaltura Capture. This document is being kept online for a period of time for those CaptureSpace users who may not have seen the messaging about the move to Kaltura Capture.

Use of CaptureSpace after June 14, 2019

Kaltura ended support for CaptureSpace on June 15, 2019. Please use Kaltura Capture from June 15, 2019 on. See our documents on installing and using Kaltura Capture. From June 15, 2019 on you can still use CaptureSpace to record your screen and webcam if you already have it installed, but do not recommend it: it is not supported and you will not be able to upload your screen capture to Kaltura MediaSpace from CaptureSpace. If you record your screen or webcam with CaptureSpace and try uploading it you will get an error message similar to "There was an error uploading "Screen Capture - 2019 June 16 01:01:01":
A screenshot showing the top of the CaptureSpace window with the error message "There was an error uploading "Screen Capture - 2019 June 16 06:05:11"

If you inadvertently use CaptureSpace after June 14, 2019 and still want to use the recording you can:

  1. Locate your CaptureSpace recording: Kaltura: How to find local copy of CaptureSpace recording .
  2. Upload the MP4 file in your CaptureSpace Local File Storage location to Kaltura MediaSpace: Kaltura - How to Upload Files to Mediaspace (UW-Madison)

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