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Canvas - Importing Scantron Test Scores into the Gradebook

This document describes the process at UW-Madison for importing Scantron exam scores into the Canvas Gradebook.

The process for using Scantron tests with Canvas involves the following steps:
  1. Submit exams to UW-Madison's Testing & Evaluation (T&E) group for scoring. 
  2. Receive results file
  3. Upload Scantron grades to the Canvas gradebook

Submit exams to UW-Madison's Testing & Evaluation (T&E) group for scoring
  1. Deliver the completed Scantron "bubble sheets" to Testing and Evaluation Services
  • Fill out the intake form, being sure to indicate that the results need to be formatted for Canvas. 
  • It will help you to know your Canvas course ID because Testing and Evaluation will ask you for it. This is the URL when you access your Canvas course. For example, if you access your course and your browser address is "" your course ID would be "38971."
  • Staff members at Testing and Evaluation are there to assist you if you have questions. 
Receive Results File
Testing and Evaluation processes your Scantron tests and generates an import file for Canvas, which will be in a .CSV format. You will receive an email from Testing and Evaluation when your import file is ready. The file is automatically uploaded to your Canvas course Files area into a folder named "TE_Exams." An example filename for this .CSV file is canvas70260_20170921_1136_te123.csv. The format includes your Canvas Course ID, the processing date, and a unique T&E identifier which represents the processing job number. The "TE_Exams" folder at the .CSV file are both "Unpublished," meaning that they are not visible to students. You should never publish the folder or the file.
  1. Access your Canvas course and access the Files area. 
  2. Open the folder called "TE_Exams," which will contain the .CSV results file. (Both the folder and the file are "Unpublished," meaning they are not visible to students.) If you have more than one results file, you can tell which is the most recently processed file by looking at each file's "Date Created" value in Canvas. 
  3. Click the gear icon to the right of the .CSV file to download it. 
NOTE: To download the .CSV results file without going to your Canvas course you can click the link in the notification email you received from Testing & Evaluation. 
  1. Open the results file in Excel to review the results of the Scantron exam. 
Uploading Scantron grades to the Canvas gradebook
After you download the .CSV file and review its contents, you will upload it to your Canvas gradebook. By default, your scores will be visible to students, so if you aren't ready for students to see the scores you will need to mute the assignment (instructions below). Please be aware that for large courses, the upload can take a couple of minutes. 
  1. In your Canvas course, go to Grades. 
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. Click the Choose File button and locate the Scantron results file you previously downloaded. 
  4. Click the Upload Data button. Canvas will ask you whether the grades are for a new assignment or an existing one.
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  1. Click the Choose Assignment drop-down menu and make a selection. If you want to create a new assignment to which to upload the grades, select the A new assignment option. Otherwise, select an existing assignment. 
  2. Enter a Points Possible value. 
  3. Click the Continue button to continue with the import. 
  4. On the next screen, review the grades and click the Save Changes button to continue with the import. You will see a message telling you that the import is beginning and may take a while. After the processing has finished, the Canvas gradebook will be displayed. 
  5. If you aren't ready for students to see the scores, you can mute the assignment by going to the desired grade column, hovering your mouse over the title of the column and clicking, and selecting Mute Assignment.
  6. After you've completed the upload process, delete the local, downloaded copy of the Scantron results file from your device, as retaining local copies of files containing student information can put student data at risk. 
NOTE: Canvas will match the students in the file with those in your course. In rare cases, if a student mis-enters their Student ID on the Scantron sheet, it's possible the student will not appear as the correct person in the Scantron results file. If there should happen to be a mismatch, Canvas will prompt you to match the student in question with one in your course, or to simply ignore that row in the file.

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