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Fall Courses in Learn@UW

Posted: 07:44:16, Thursday, Aug 4, 2011   Expiration: 07:44:16, Friday, Aug 12, 2011  

A reminder that Instructors can access their Fall timetable courses in Learn@UW.

Daily course and roster updates for Fall courses will begin August 8

Helpful hints for setting up your Learn@UW course:
  • Students cannot access your Learn@UW course until you set it to "Active". See Activating a Current Semester Course for details.
  • If your course has textbook information, it will be viewable from the course's "Textbooks" link only after you enter textbook information in My UW-Madison Faculty Center and activate the course. For more, see Using the Textbooks Link.
  • You might find the "Course Design and Setup Checklist" helpful to keep track of what you need to do. To get to the checklist from inside your course, go to Edit Course > Course Design and Setup Checklist.

If you need Learn@UW courses created for you, please complete the Course Request Form.

~The Learn@UW Team

-- Learn@UW Mad: Kristy Roloff

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