Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Learn@UW/D2L - Users may have received notifications by mistake on 02/07/12 4:10-4:25 PM.

Posted: 18:00:26, Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012   Expiration: 23:52:26, Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012

Learn@UW customers that have elected to receive email notifications may have received notifications in error today due to an oversight during an update to the test environments. The notifications should be ignored, but are likely to cause some confusion. We apologize for the inconvenience and are reviewing procedures to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Due to an oversight, some queued notifications were released from test instances between 4:10 pm and 4:25 pm today (2/7/12). We can confirm that messages went out to customers on the following campuses: UW-Madison, UW-Colleges, UW-LaCrosse, UW-Oshkosh, UW-River Falls, UW-Whitewater, and UW Colleges Online. Messages may have been sent to other campuses, but we cannot confirm that at this time.

Activity summary notifications may be dated from January 29th or today (2/7/12). If the user clicks on the link to change notifications, he or she will be directed to a test site and be unable to login.

-- Learn@UW Utility

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