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Desire2Learn (Learn@UW) - Quizzing tool does not work with Internet Explorer 10

Posted: 12:52:45, Tuesday, Apr 22, 2014   Expiration: 12:52:45, Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014  

This version of Desire2Learn does not support the use of IE 10 or 11. If you are using IE 10, you cannot submit a quiz or save question answers, whether previewing a quiz as an instructor or taking one as a student. The "Go to Submit Quiz" and "Save All Responses" buttons are unresponsive. Also, when you "Save" your answers to a question, the icons under "Questions" in the left panel are not marked as saved.

As a rule, please make sure you're using the recommended software and browsers in order to ensure optimal functionality of D2L. 

-- Learn@UW Madison

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