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Secure quizzing

Using Score Redirects
Using Buttons

CSCR was designed as a Web-authoring tool that allows for students to make real-world choices with no clear right or wrong answer. Often used in a highly exploratory and a self-evaluative context, students can receive immediate instructor feedback based on their decisions. However, many instructors want to use the tool's capabilities in a more traditional quizzing format. In order to add secure quizzing to CSCR there are a few tips to follow:

Using Score Redirects

Tip 1: Do not add descriptive feedback or continue buttons to the feedback field of the questions and add navigation outside the question.

Incorrect: Specific feedback for all questions.


Correct: Generic feedback to all answers and continue button outside the question.
Feedback: Your answer has been submitted.


Navigation should be placed below the question, not inside the correct answer.


Tip 2: Use score redirects to provide feedback to the user and have them repeat the question if they answer incorrectly.

1) Add a positive score to the correct questions and a score of zero to incorrect questions.


2) Point the continue button on the question to the score redirect on a page below your question page

5 6

3) Set the score redirect so that they can only advance if they click on the correct answer, if not, redirect them back to the question.


4) Add a score reset on the same page as the quiz question in order to reset the score before they retake the question. Failing to do so will only score the first answer they clicked on and they will be stuck.


Advanced users: you can use a single score redirect at the end of the set of questions and not provide feedback until then. You can then redirect the users to continue forward or go back and try the quiz again.

Using Buttons

Tip 3: Use buttons to create the multiple choice questions.

In the image below three buttons are used to create the multiple choice question. Buttons Green and Red are pointing to the page Q1 Feedback so students get feedback on their incorrect response. If they click on Blue the button will point them to Question 2 to continue taking the quiz.


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