Adobe Captivate - How to Upload a presentation to D2L (UW-Madison)

You can upload an Adobe Captivate presentation to D2L for presenting an online lecture to your students.

There are two methods for uploading Captivate presentations to D2L. The method you use is dependent on whether you have quiz questions inside your presentation that you want to connect to your D2L gradebook. If you want to connect your Captivate presentation and quiz to the D2L gradebook please see Adobe Captivate - Setting up a project to report a quiz grade to a learning management system using SCORM (UW-Madison)

This document outlines the method to upload a Captivate presentation for viewing inside D2L with no connection to the gradebook. This document was authored using screenshots from Captivate 9.

1.    With Captivate 9 launched and your project loaded click Publish → Publish for Devices. Alternately you can click File → Publish.

2.    Enter a Project Title. Select a location to publish your Captivate presentation to. Check the Zip Files checkbox:
Adobe Captivate "Publish for Devices" window

3.    eLearning output should say Disabled. If it does not, click Enabled. A Preferences window will open. Uncheck Enable reporting for this project:
Adobe Captivate Quiz reporting Preferences
Click OK when you are done checking this setting.

4.    Click Publish. You should see a window that says Publish completed successfully. Click OK.

5.    Launch a browser and login to your D2L course.

6.    Click Course Admin → Edit Course.

7.    Click Manage Files.

8.    Generally we recommend creating a folder to put your Captivate lectures in and then subfolders for each lecture. In this example you can see that we’ve created a folder at the root level called Captivate Lectures and subfolders for Lecture 1 and Lecture 2. In this example we are going to upload the Captivate zip file into the Lecture 2 folder so we click on Lecture 2 and then click Upload:
Uploading a file in the D2L "Manage Files" tool

9.    Click Upload in the Upload window that opens. Navigate to your published Captivate zip file and select it and click Open.

10.  In the upload window click Save:
Completing uploading your file in the D2L "Manage Files" tool

11.  In Manage Files move your mouse over your zip file. Click the down arrow next to your zip file and select Unzip:
Unzipping your zip file in the D2L "Manage Files" tool
D2L will display a message that says “The file is unzipping in the background. This may take a few minutes. You will receive a notification when this is complete.” You can click OK.

12.  Once the file is done unzipping you will see a list of files including an index.html file. Move your mouse over the index.html file and click the down arrow that appears. Select Add Content Topic:
Select "Add Content Topic" from the D2L "Manage Files" tool

13.  Select the parent module you want your Captivate lecture to appear in. In this example I have selected “Captivate Lecture Examples”. Make sure your index.html file has the checkbox selected and give it an appropriate Topic Title and Topic Short Title. In this case it is simply Lecture 2. Click Add:
Select "Add Content Topic" from the D2L "Manage Files" tool

14.  Your Captivate lecture is now available in your course. To view your Captivate lecture click on Materials → Content and navigate to your lecture. You can click the View Content in a New Window button (D2L's "View Content in New Window" button) if it helps to view the presentation in its own window. Your Captivate presentation should look something like this inside D2L:
Your Captivate presentation will look something like this inside D2L

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