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Kaltura - Known Issue - Videos inserted in D2L via MediaSpace embed code cannot go fullscreen (UW-Madison)

Users are reporting an issue with videos placed in D2L using the MediaSpace embed code option. D2L does not allow the video to be played back in fullscreen.


Workaround 01: Create a Content Page from Template

Instructors can now create pages from templates. The Learn@UW team created a special template as a temporary fix for this issue. It is called KalturaFullScreenFix.html.

You can create a page from a template using the following steps:

  1. Within the Content tool, after you click Create File, click the Browse for a Template button next to where you enter a title.
  2. The Add a File window will appear.
  3. In the left sidebar of the window, click Shared Files.
  4. Scroll through the list. Toward the bottom, you will see the file named "KalturaFullScreenFix.html". Click the radio button to the left of the file name to select the file.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Now you can edit your file like you normally would. Any videos you insert via the Kaltura MediaSpace embed code option should now be able to go fullscreen.

Workaround 02: Insert Special HTML Code

The final workaround involves inserting some HTML code into wherever you are embedding a video via Kaltura's MediaSpace embed code option. This special HTML code should not appear on your page. It is essentially invisible. Insert this special code by doing the following:
  1. Click the Insert Stuff button.
  2. When the Insert Stuff window appears, click Enter Embed Code in the left sidebar.
  3. Copy and paste the following into the Embed Code field:

    <!-- NOTE: Do not delete the HTML below this comment. It is there as a fix to allow embedded Kaltura MediaSpace videos to work. For more information see -->
    <!-- End Kaltura Fullscreen fix -->

  4. Click Next.
  5. In the next screen you should not see anything in the preview because this code is hidden. Click Insert.
  6. After clicking Insert, you will be taken back to the text field that you are editing. Just as a reminder, you should not see anything on the page because this HTML is hidden. You can now insert your MediaSpace embed code into this field using the "Enter Embed Code" method. The video you embed should now be able to go fullscreen.

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