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Canvas - How to Mute/Unmute Assignments in the New Gradebook

This document explains how to perform the "Mute/Unmute assignment" commands in the new Canvas gradebook.

    Canvas - Mute/Unmute Replaced by the new Grade Posting Policy

    In Summer 2019, Instructure (parent company of Canvas) released an update that significantly impacted the Canvas Gradebook.

    Specifically, the update introduced the new Grade Posting Policy, to replace Mute/Unmute Assignment commands found in the old Gradebook interface.

    This document shows how to replicate the Mute/Unmute Assignment feature, within the new Gradebook.

    The New Process with Grade Posting Policy

    1. Open a Canvas course.
    2. Select Grades.
    3. Select the ellipsis (three stacked dots) button, for the assignment.
      assignment ellipsis
    4. Select Grade Posting Policy.
      grade posting policy
    5. In the resulting panel to the right, select the “Manually” checkbox, then click the “Save” button.
      select manually
    6. Notice the word “Manual” appears in the header for this assignment.
      word manual in header
    7. Select the ellipsis button (3 stacked dots) for the assignment, again.
    8. Select Hide grades, then Hide. (This commands hides all grades for this assignment from all students. Note: In the old Mute/Unmute feature, existing grades were not hidden from students.)
      select Hide Grades
      select hide
    9. The not visible icon (eyeball-with-a-slash) will appear in the header for this assignment.
      eyeball icon
    10. Enter/edit the grades for the assignment as desired.
    11. When you are finished entering/editing grades, and ready to release them to the students, select the ellipsis button (3 stacked dots), for the assignment.
    12. Select Post grades from the drop-down menu. (All students are automatically notified of their new/edited grade.)

    Additional points about the new Grade Posting Policy.

    • For the Fall 2019 semester, UW-Madison Instructors can opt between the “old” and “new” Gradebooks.
    • If you currently use the Mute/Unmute commands in your Canvas course, you are using the old Gradebook. You are welcome to continue doing so through the end of the Fall 2019 semester.
    • Effective January 2020, the new Gradebook will be the only option, and the old Gradebook will no longer be available.
    • To activate the new gradebook:
      1. Enter the Canvas course.
      2. Click Settings.
      3. Click the Feature Options tab (across the top).
      4. Find the option, New Gradebook.
      5. Toggle that option to the On (green) position.
      6. Click Grades to see the new Gradebook.
    • After selecting Hide grades, the grades (for that assignment) for all students will be hidden. Students will not see their grade for that assignment until you select Post grades.
    • Once you post grades, all new and edited grades will be automatically posted for all students. Any new grades you enter and any old grades you edit, will also be instantly sent to the student. If you want to re-suppress grades, select hide grades again.
    • If you have chosen to hide grades for a quiz, Canvas will not show students their quiz scores until you go to the Gradebook and select Post grades. Therefore, if you'd like a quiz to be automatically graded, a manual grade posting policy may not be desirable.
    • For more thorough documentation on using the new Grade Posting Policy, please refer to these Canvas guides:

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