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Microsoft 365 - Making a Request

Looking to make a request? Review the topics below.

Request "Out of Office" message
When the user of the account in question is not able to set the "Out of Office" message due to multiple reasons, you can make the request on their behalf.

Request deactivation of an account
Depending on the user's affiliation with the university, a user's Office 365 account may be going through changes.

Request a departmental address (service/alternate address)
There are times when you need to use an address/account that is not tied to a personal (NetID) account.

Request a departmental resource (room/project/vacation calendar)
There are times when it is better to have a unique calendar account created instead of creating a calendar within your own personal Office 365 account.

Request a Group be hidden within Global Address List (GAL)
There are times when you need to hide a Group from the Global Address List.

Request Group members be hidden from non-members
There are times when you want to make Group members not visible to non-members.

Request send-as/send-on behalf of a Group
There may be times when you need to have the ability to either send-as or send-on behalf of a group you are a member of.

Request Account Modification History information added to Wisc Account Administration site
If there is an action within Wisc Account Administration site that does not have modification history included, you can make this request for it to be added.

Request a departmental domain
You may need to have a specific domain where you can manage many accounts for your department/division.

Request SMTP Relaying
An SMTP relay is used for sending unauthenticated email. SMTP relaying is necessary when you need to send email programmatically to recipients that are off-campus and the list of recipients may not be known before the email is generated.

Request administrative rights over a NetID account
There are times when administrators (IT support staff) would benefit from having access to manage other NetID accounts within a group/department/division.

Request administrative group
When you need to administer a domain or NetID accounts, you can take advantage of Manifest.

Request security group for permissioning
If you need to assign permissions to many users at a time, you can take advantage of security groups for this purpose.

Request custom email address (
Divisions, departments, and organizations will occasionally have need of an email address in the domain. For example, an interdisciplinary project spanning multiple departments may wish to request an email address representing the project without a tie to any single member organization participating in the project.

Request address
There may be situations where you want to change your address.

Request access/permissions to another account
There are times when a user leaves the university and data needs to be retrieved from their account

Request domain API credentials
If you are a domain administrator and would like to have the ability to programmatically manage your domain, you can do so via an API.

Request "Owner" access to a Group which no longer has an owner
There may be times when an Office 365 Group needs to add/replace an owner but the current owner(s) are no longer available.

Request a domain user's report
As a domain administrator, you can request a report that contains account details.

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