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Academic StaffProfessional and administrative personnel with 1) Duties that are exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); and 2) Perform work that is primarily associated with higher education institutions or their administration.
Accrued LeaveThe amount of sick leave, vacation, vacation carryover, personal holiday, legal holiday and banked leave an employee has earned based on the number of hours in pay status.
Administrative Limited AppointmentA leadership role such as dean or associate dean that falls into the employee category of Limited. A Limited appointee serves at the discretion of the appointing authority.
ApplicantJob seeker who has applied for the vacancy.
AppointmentThe action of an appointing authority to place a person in a position within the agency in accordance with the law and the Rules of the Administrator, Division of Merit Recruitment and Selection (DMRS). An appointment is effective when the employee reports for work or is in paid leave status on the agreed starting date and time.
Base-Building AdjustmentA salary increase (may be temporary or permanent).
Blue-Collar Multi-ShiftUniversity Staff titles that are in pay schedule 03 (e.g., custodian, food service assistant, food retail/catering leader and food production assistant) and in multiple-shift environments (e.g., first shift, second shift and third shift).
Budget (Program) DecisionThe reallocation or termination of resources by a university management decision that may result in staffing reductions in a program or operational area.
CandidateApplicant who has been deemed minimally qualified for the vacancy.
Centralized Recruitment
City of Madison Living Wage
Civil Service System
Compensatory Time
Concurrent Appointments
Consecutive Appointments
Continuous Employment
Continuous Service
Crafts Worker
Crafts Worker Supervisor
Creditable Service
Employee of the Board of Regents
Exempt Staff
Extraordinary Salary Range (ESR)
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Family Member
Hiring Administrator
Hiring Manager
Hours Worked
Immediate Family Member
Internal Recruitment
Layoff Group
Layoff Status
Light (Modified) Duty
Lump-Sum Payment
Nonexempt Staff
Nonexempt Staff
Nonexempt Supervisor
Occasional (Sporadic)
Operational Area
Permanent Status
Premium Rate
Prevailing Wage Rate
Recruitment, Assessment, and Selection Plan
Recurring Appointments
Regular Rate
Shop Supervisor
Similar Title
Standard Recruitment
State of Wisconsin Adjusted Continuous Service
Temporary Appointment
Temporary Employee
UW–Madison Adjusted Continuous Service