Help Desk - Email list feature mapping for WiscList, Google Groups, and Office 365 Groups

This document provides a high-level feature mapping for individuals who are transitioning their distribution list from WiscList to either Google Groups or Office 365 Groups. Please note, the list of features below are not a comprehensive list. If you would like to see a feature that is not listed below, please submit feedback so it can be added to the matrix.

 Feature  WiscList Main  Google Groups  Office 365 Groups
 Self-service interface  
 Send content-rich HTML messages   Coming soon. Coming soon.
 Throttle and schedule list   N/A N/A
 Open tracking   N/A N/A
 Import/Export membership  
 Message moderation        
 Data-driven populations  N/A Coming soon.    
 Setting permission  N/A      
 Group deactivation    N/A N/A 
 Group file sharing  N/A      
 Group calendaring  N/A Coming soon.    
 Group collaboration tools  N/A      
 Suppress Office 365 "out of office" message      Coming soon. 
 Allow non-Office 365 members  N/A      
 Restrict membership view  N/A     N/A 
 Service account can be a member of  N/A     N/A 
 Service account be owner/creator of  N/A     N/A 
 Terms of Service        

N/A = Not available