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Field descriptions and data entry for Meetings Tab on Maintain Schedule of Classes in SIS

From the SIS Homepage, select the Curric & Enrollment Rep WorkCenter tile. Select the Maintain Schedule of Classes link. 

Use the Find page to locate the course. Search by Institution, Term, and Subject Area (option: add Catalog Nbr). Navigate to the Meetings tab.

Field descriptions for the Meetings Tab Data Entry
Field Description
Facility ID
  • A 10-character field. If you will use a department-controlled space, enter the numeric code for the specific building/room assignment.

  • Use alpha-numeric code 0000 GA RM to request a General Assignment classroom.

  • If the instruction mode for the class section is WO (Online only), enter ONLINE as the facility ID.

  • Once Curricular Services fills a request for a General Assignment classroom, the assigned classroom will appear in the facility ID, the building name and room number will display below the facility ID, and the the room capacity will display next to it.
Meeting Patterns
  • Codes that indicate the day(s) of the week the class meets and the default length of class. Enter the code or use the magnifying glass Look Up to search for the desired pattern.

  • If no pattern is selected, this field will default to DFLT. Never select or manually enter DFLT.

  • Days of the week (M T W T F S S)

Meeting Start and End Times
  • Mtg Start - class begin time

  • Mtg End - class end time

  • Classes generally should be scheduled using standard class hours, and departments should spread instruction across the day and throughout the week. See the campus Classroom Scheduling Policy for details.
Days of the week Check the boxes to indicate which days the class will meet
Instructor ID Instructor's SIS Empl ID number. Enter ID or select the look up icon to search for the instructor.
Instructor Role
  • Every section needs a Principal Instructor. You may add additional instructors as needed. Review this document for more details on Instructor Assignments in SIS. 

  • Principal: Instructor the students regularly interact with. A course section could have multiple principal instructors but every course section must have at least one principal instructor.

  • Supervisory: a qualified staff member who oversees courses and grading when the Principal section instructor does not meet standards according to the Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff or when the Principal section instructor, by HR title definition, needs supervision. This person is not necessarily involved in course delivery.

  • Auxiliary: a qualified staff member who provides a small portion of instruction in a section but does not have overall or substantial responsibility for the course or section.

Access (grading)

Defaults to 'Approve.' If needed, change to the type of egrading access you want this instructor to have.

  • Approve: Instructor can input and submit grades or submit grades input by another instructor on the same course section. There should only be one instructor set to Approve for each grade roster.

  • Grade: Instructor can input grade, but not submit to registrar.

  • No Access: Instructor cannot grade or submit.

Room Characteristics (if GA) Specify necessary room characteristics when requesting a General Assignment classroom. Multiple characteristics may be requested using the [+] Add button. Only request characteristics that are essential to instruction. For more details on room scheduling, visit the Classroom Scheduling page. 
Academic Shift UW-Madison does not use this field. 

Example: The course below is a section of Math 114. The Facility ID indicates a specific General Assignment classroom assignment, AGR HALL 125. This room has been assigned by Curricular Services. The room capacity of 588 is displayed. The meeting pattern is 75 minutes on Tuesdays/Thursdays, which begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 2:15 pm. There is a Principal Instructor assigned. If any specific room characteristics had been specified, they would be listed.

Meetings TAb


If you are trying to update the Meetings tab and fields are grayed out, it is likely that you are viewing a combined section. If the section is combined, edits must be made on Schedule Class Meetings page instead. Navigate to this page, search for your course section, make the necessary edits, and save. See also: Combined Sections: Types and Definitions, and Updating Combined Sections.

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