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1Palo Alto: HIP Features - VPN, Host-Info and Firewall Security95361Cybersecurity2022-11-0219630
2EEPMBA - Working with Features of OneNote for Windows 1075959Wisconsin School of Business2021-02-084259
3Help Desk - Email List Feature Mapping for Google Groups, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Eloqua101401DoIT Help Desk2024-03-018132
4Canvas - Requesting a Feature [UW-Madison]76579Learn@UW-Madison2024-04-025156
5Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex ISDN) - Call Forward Variable (CFV) Feature Button6795Voice Services2021-08-0921165
6Canvas - Getting Started with Canvas New Analytics feature [UW-Madison]93594Learn@UW-Madison2024-04-247341
7Using the Top Hat Attendance Feature in a Large Course128279Instructional Resources2024-04-161810
8Using Google Docs Chat Feature to Collaborate in Classrooms104572Instructional Resources2024-04-165889
9Deactivating the Office 365 "Clutter" Feature55754Pharmacy IIT2024-03-253590
10WiscWeb - Submit a feature request110624WiscWeb2024-02-056084
11iOS 14 & Above - Turning Off the Private Address Feature107304DoIT Help Desk2023-03-103174
12Microsoft 365 (Outlook for Android) - Sorting/Filtering messages using the Focused Inbox feature53667Microsoft 3652023-02-0226538
13Microsoft 365 (Outlook for iOS) - Sorting messages using the Focused Inbox feature53669Microsoft 3652023-02-0236022
14KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Using the KB Link Doc Feature114308KB User's Guide2023-01-309016
15DoIT Shared Tools - GitLab - GitLab Wiki Feature and Snippets76619Shared Tools2022-08-16755
16KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Using the IncludeDoc Feature to Restrict Content5236KB User's Guide2021-06-0128338
17Microsoft 365 - What features are included in Microsoft 365?27927Microsoft 3652024-05-0165032
18Web Hosting - Service Description29542DoIT Web Hosting2024-04-1998417
19UW-Madison Zoom - Service Account Request106073Zoom2024-04-049411
20KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Uploading Images and Other Attachments5722KB User's Guide2024-02-0147950
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