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Payments: Budget Considerations/Fees

Associated transaction fees for use of Advarra Participant Payments

Associated Fees

The following fees are incurred with using Participant Payments:

  • Checking accounting transaction (direct deposit or check): $2.00
  • Debit card: $1.50
  • Debit card transaction: $0.80

The transaction fees will be invoiced from the research account identified in the Request Intake Form to use Participant Payments.

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Budgeting in OnCore

The associated fees for using Participant Payments have been added to the OnCore ChargeSource to facilitate the budgeting and negotiation with the sponsor, if applicable, to accommodate these fees. They have been included as Items to the following procedures:

  • SUBJECT STIPEND (Procedure)
  • SUBJECT COMPENSATION (Budget Procedure)
  • Travel Reimbursement (Budget Procedure)

As it will be unknown at the time of budget development and negotiation how many participants may opt for the checking account versus debit card option, it recommended budget for the most expensive fee transaction: Debit card + Debit card transaction fee. Another budget consideration to take into account for additional fees for lost and replaced debit cards.

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Tracking Fees in Payments

For those users with the appropriate permissions in Participant Payments, it is recommended to use the All Transactions Report to review the incurred transaction fees per protocol or business unit/department.

The following roles have access to these reports: Financial Reviewer, Financial/Protocol Coordinator, Program Manager, Custodian

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