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Protocol No.

The Protocol No. is a unique numeric identifier that is automatically assigned to the protocol upon creation. It cannot be changed.

Indicates the main UW identifier for a protocol. The protocol number is displayed in the Protocol Header and is used in most reports. The protocol number is used to find a protocol in any of the Select Protocol find-as-you-type fields throughout OnCore.

Protocol No. will auto-populate when the protocol entry is initiated.


The syntax of the protocol number is as follows:

  • Institutional or Industry: Prefix (UW), current year, sequential number of the study starting at the first of the year (e.g., UW23001).
  • ETCTN: Prefix (NCI), NCI protocol number (e.g., NCI10266).
  • NCTN/NCORP National Cooperative Group: Prefix (COG, NRG, Alliance, etc.), national group protocol number (e.g,, NRGBN004).
  • Cooperative Group Foundation (PrECOG, GOG Foundation, etc.): Assigned Foundation number (e.g., RTOG3501).

Associated protocol numbers for other study entities can be found in other areas of OnCore:

  • Sponsor protocol number: PC Console > Sponsor Tab
  • IRB protocol number: PC Console > Management Tab
  • CRU protocol number: PC Console > Management Tab
PC Console edit / PRMC Coordinator (UWCCC) or Protocol Coordinator


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