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OnCore: Preview Calendar and Export to Excel

This document explains how to preview your calendar and export to Excel.

Viewing Protocol Calendar in OnCore to compare with Study Protocol

The Calendar can be previewed by entering example dates for the milestones in order to see actual calendar dates for the visits.

The procedure calendar/specification can also be exported to Excel to share with users that do not have access to view the calendar in OnCore.

Steps Involved in Adding Procedures and Building Calendar

Preview Calendar

  1. On the Study Specification Calendar tab, a Preview Calendar button appears at the upper right. Click the button to display the Preview Parameters window.

    Click Preview Calendar button

  2. The fields that appear depend upon the milestone dates used by your specification. Enter dates and click Preview.

    Enter dates and then click Preview

  3. OnCore will display a preview with a banner showing the dates you selected and a calendar with planned dates based on the Arm selected (as applicable) and dates entered.

    Preview banner
    Calendar will preview with planned dates for arm selected

    Click on the red X button on the Preview banner to return to the regular calendar.

Export Calendar

You can export the procedure calendar/specification to Excel to share with users that do not have access to view the calendar in OnCore.

Click View Excel to export

The Export includes the following:

  • Visit tolerances
  • Segment information for treatment and follow up segments including:
    • segment number
    • segment name
    • start date
    • unit
    • visits
    • duration information
    • whether the segment is optional
    • whether weekends are excluded
    • arms
    • segment starting number
  • Procedure schedule information including the procedure name and schedule
  • A list of all visits that have been renamed

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