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10-digit Dialing Change on October 24, 2021

On October 24, callers in the 608 area code will need to use 10 digits to dial local phone numbers due to change by the Federal Communication Commission. This will affect some services used by UW-Madison employees.

Cisco VoIP Telephones/Jabber

Most of the campus numbers are on the Cisco VoIP telephone system. These include Cisco-branded telephones and Jabber. People who use Cisco VoIP do not need to change their dialing patterns. The system will take care of adding the needed digits before leaving campus.


These are on-campus phones that are not Cisco branded. People who use Centrex telephones will need to dial 9-1-608 before dialing the local 7-digit number. This also affects any fax machines, alarms, or any other machine that dials on the Centrex system. You may begin using the new dialing pattern before October 24. The old dialing pattern will stop working sometime after October 24th as AT&T completes their work across their equipment and network.


All Cellular customers calling from the 608 area code (and others) will need to dial 10 digits to make local calls. You may begin using the new dialing pattern before October 24.

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