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Cisco VoIP - Conference Calls/3-Way calling on a desktop telephone phone (7851/8851)

Instruction on having a conference call and meeting on a 7841 and 8851 Cisco VoIP phones

 You can talk with up to 30 people in a single call. You can dial another person and add them to the call. If you have multiple phone lines, you can join two calls across two lines.

When you add more than one person to a conference call, wait a few seconds between adding participants.

As the conference host, you can remove individual participants from the conference. The conference ends when all participants hang up. The video below will show you how make a conference call.

Add another person to a call

When you add more than one person to a call, wait a few seconds between adding participants.


Step 1 From an active call, press Conference. Conference.jpg

Step 2 Add the other person to the call by doing one of the following:

  • Press Active calls and select a held call.
  • Enter the phone number and press Call.

Step 3 Press Conference.

Swap between calls before you complete a conference

You can talk to a person before you add them to a conference. You can also swap between the conference call and the call with the other person.


Step 1 Call a new conference participant, but do not add the participant to the conference.

Wait until the call is connected.

Step 2 Press Swap to toggle between the participant and the conference.


View and remove conference participants

If you create a conference, you can view the details of the last 16 participants who join the conference. You can also remove participants.


Step 1 While you are in a conference, press softkey with two dots. Then press Show Details to view a list of participants.

Step 2 (Optional) Highlight a participant and press Remove to drop the participant from the conference.

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance

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