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EVM's New Look

Posted: 06:33:25, Wednesday, Jun 13, 2007   Expiration: 06:33:25, Saturday, Jun 30, 2007  

EVM now displays phone numbers from outside callers in the subject line of the email.

Enabled Voice Mail (EVM) has a new look. Prior to June 8th, the only phone numbers displayed in EVM were those of campus voice mail subscribers - all other messages appeared as an 'outside caller'. Now when you receive an EVM from an outside caller their phone number will appear in the subject line.

Old EVM Format
Voice Message from outside caller on 6/8/2007

New EVM Format
Voice Message from 608-555-1234 on 6/8/2007

What is EVM or want to setup EVM? Find out more here!

-- Jamie Buchanan

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