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Telephone Activity Report - View your services

The Telephone Activity Report has moved to its new website.

How to see telephone services. Please note that VoIP (Cisco) services are not being regularly updated since we are not billing you for these services. Names will be updated in the Cisco system only. Additionally, detailed reports for charges prior to May 2020 are no longer available due to the change in Telecom Management systems. This is the replacement for the telephone lookup tool.

Navigate to the Calero Pinnacle Website

  1. Choose the Department Manger role (if not already chosen) by using the drop-down box in the upper-right corner of the browser window. 
    Role for TAR
  2. Select Services (the second icon) from the left navigation menu and choose Services.
  3. Clear the search criteria by clicking the Clear hyperlink and then hit the blue search button at the top of the screen.
  4. Hover over the second occurrence of the word services on the left. This will give you additional ways to search the information. Choose By subscriber if you want to search by department.
  5. You can use your UDDS in the Department Field to limit your search to just your department. You can use % as a wildcard search. As noted above, Cisco VoIP lines are not being updated in this system.
    Search page
  6. A list of services will appear below. 
    Calero Service Search list

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