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Webex App - Pick up Someone Else's Phone Call

When your administrator makes you a member of a pickup group, you can answer a call on behalf of another group member who isn't available.

Depending on how your administrator has set things up for you, you may or may not get incoming call notifications when a call comes into a pickup group you belong to.


If you hear a phone call come into a coworker's desk phone but you haven't been notified in Webex App, go to  and then select Call Pickup at the bottom of your Call History.


Then, depending on your setup, you may have multiple groups to choose from. You can select the appropriate pickup group (Call Pickup, Other Call Pickup, or Directed Pickup). If you choose Directed Pickup, enter the pickup number and then press Enter.

Call Pickup


When you see a call notification for another pickup group member, click Pickup again.


You can then decide whether you want to Answer or Decline the call. And if the caller is a Webex App user, you can even message them.

If someone else has beaten you to answering the call, you're notified that there is no call to pick up.

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