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Cisco VoIP - Change ring settings in Self Care Portal

How to change the ring settings in the Cisco Self Care Portal
The ring settings can be adjusted by the end user on a per-line basis. You can adjust the options for what the phone does when youre on a call, as well as when youre not on a call. You must first be logged into the Self Care Portal, see Cisco VoIP - Self Care Portal
Note: this feature may not be available for all users.

1. From the My Phones screen, select Phone Settings in the left-hand column

2. Expand the Ring Settings section

Ring settings screen

3. Select the setting you would like to adjust and choose one of the options from the drop-down box.

Ring settings screen

Ring settings options

 Settings  Description  Availability
 Ring  The phone rings until it is answered On a call
Not on a call
 Do Nothing  The phone will not ring or flash; no alert to the user On a call
Not on a call
 Flash Only  The message waiting indicator (MWI) light on the phone will flash, but no audible alert will sound  On a call
Not on a call
 Ring Once  The phone will ring audibly one time. After the first ring it will only flash On a call
Not on a call
 Beep Only  The phone will only beep when a call comes in. This is similar to the call waiting beep you hear on your cell phone On a call

Different ring settings for multiple devices

If you have multiple devices and you want to configure different ring settings per device, select the link link button button to the right of the phone to unlink your devices. Once the devices unlink, the icon changes to a broken link (broken link button ) and each phones speed dial is editable, individually, by selecting them from the Filter by: menu in the top-right of the screen.

speed dial screen

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

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