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Cisco VoIP - 8851 Phone Screen Features

Phone screen features for 8851 Cisco VOIP phone. To check which phone model you have, press Applications Applications button and select Phone information. The Model Number field shows your phone model.

The phone screen shows information about your phone such as directory number, active call and line status, softkeys, speed dials, placed calls, and phone menu listings. The screen is made up of three sections: the header row, the middle section, and the footer row.



  1. At the top of the screen is the header row. The header row displays the phone number, current date and time, as well a number of icons. The icons display when features are active.
  2. The middle of the phone screen displays the information associated with the line and feature buttons on the phone.
  3. The bottom row of the screen contains the softkey labels. Each label indicates the action for the softkey button below the screen.


Badged Icons

If you have missed calls, the missed call icon, and a counter showing the number of missed calls, display on your phone desktop. If you receive a voicemail, the missed call icon changes to the voicemail icon and voicemail counter until you listen to your messages.

In addition, if you have more than one call on a line, either the held icon or the off hook icon change to show the number of calls.

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