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Cisco VoIP - 8800 Key Expansion Module Buttons and Hardware

Instruction on how to use the expansion module for 8851 Cisco VoIP phone. To check which phone model you have, press the Applications button and select Phone information. The Model number field shows your phone model.
  1. Lighted buttons—18 line buttons. Depending on the mode, each button or pair of buttons corresponds to one line (same as on the phone). The lights beneath each button indicate the state of the corresponding line as follows:

    ButtonGrey.png Light off—Line available or a call is ringing on an inactive page.

    ButtonGreen.jpg Green steady—Line in use by you, you have a call on hold, or a call being transferred.

    ButtonRed.jpg Red steady—Line in use by someone else or someone else has a call on hold on a shared line.

    ButtonAmber.jpg Amber steady—Line ringing.

  2. Shift buttons—2 buttons. The button for page 1 is labeled as 1 and the button for page 2 is labeled as 2. The lights in each button indicate the state of the page as follows:

           ExpansionGreen.jpg Green steady—Page is in view.

           ExpansionGrey.jpg Light off—Page is not in view.

           ExpansionAmber.jpg Amber steady—Page is not in view with one or more alerting calls on the page.


Place a Call on the Key Expansion Module


Step 1 Press the line button on the key expansion module.

Step 2 Dial a phone number.

Step 3 Pick up your handset.


Adjust the Key Expansion Module Screen Brightness


Step 1 Press Applications. Applications.jpg

Step 2 Select Settings > Brightness > Brightness - Key expansion module x, where x is the number of the key expansion module.

Step 3 Press right on the Navigation pad to increase brightness. Press left on the Navigation pad to decrease brightness.

Step 4 Press Save.

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

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