WiscVPN - General Connectivity Troubleshooting

This document provides some general troubleshooting information for users of the WiscVPN client software.

Are you able to connect to the internet without using the WiscVPN client software?

If you are unable to connect to the internet, the VPN client will not be able to function properly. Please contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

Note: DoIT is unable to provide support for home networks. Each computer you want to use the WiscVPN client on must be able to access the Internet before you will be able to use the client successfully.

Have you checked to make sure you are connected to a static VPN?

To ensure you are connected to a static VPN, follow these three steps:

  1. Check your IP address by Googling, "What is my IP?" Your IP address will appear at the top of the Google results page.
  2. Look up your static IP address in the UW system.
  3. Verify that the two IP addresses match. If they do not match, you are not connected to a static VPN.

Do you have a working Internet connection, but the VPN client is still unable to contact the VPN server?

It is possible that firewall software may be blocking the client. Try disabling any firewall software, including Windows' or Mac's built-in firewall. Follow the appropriate instructions below to perform these steps for your version of Windows:

Are you able to connect, but are disconnected after about 15 minutes?

This behavior is also usually due to a firewall. In addition to checking your computer, also check your network for devices with firewalls, eg a cable/dsl modem or a wireless router.

Are you prompted repeatedly for your username and password?

This indicates a username or password problem. Be sure that you are using your NetID (the first part of your @wisc.edu email address) and password. The log on is case sensitive.

If you use WiscVPN's static IP service, you should have received an email with your username. It is usually your NetID with an underscore and a number--eg, joeuser_1. The password will be the same as for your normal NetID.

Are you receiving an error from the VPN server when you try to connect or does it try to connect indefinitely?

You received the notice: "We're sorry, access is not allowed because you are not enrolled. Please contact your organization's IT help desk for assistance."

You received the notice: "Incorrect passcode. Please try again."

  • This could mean ...
    • Your token or fob is out of synch. Please see this page for how to resynch it: MFA-Duo - What if my token/fob stops working?
    • The code was incorrectly typed or the push was not accepted. Sometimes just waiting a minute then trying again can fix the issue

You received the error: "Matching client config not found"

To resolve this error, please see the Palo Alto GlobalProtect Knowledge Base.

You received the error: "Authentication Failed"


You received this DUO push error: "Connection Failed: The network connection is unreachable or the portal is unresponsive. Check the network connection and reconnect."


  1. Open the Duo app
  2. Enter the passcode from the app to the GlobalProtect client 

Error regarding Virtual Adapter

Possible Solutions:

Method 1: You may follow these steps and check if the issue persists.
1. Press windows key  + X key both together on the keyboard.
2. Select Command Prompt (Admin)
3. Run the following command one at a time and press enter to execute
• cd /d %windir%\system32\wbem
• for %i in (*.dll) do regsvr32 -s %i
• for %i in (*.exe) do %i /regserver
4. Close all windows and reboot the computer and now try opening the system information
Method 2: If the issue still persists try rebuilding WMI repository and check if the issue persists.
1. Press windows key  + X key both together on the keyboard.
2. Select Command Prompt (Admin)
3. Type the command ‘net stop winmgmt’ and press Enter.
4. Leave the command prompt open and click Start and type system32 -> Open the folder system32 from the result pane.
5. From the system32 folder open Wbem and look for the folder Repository
6. Right click on Repository and click rename.
7. Change the folder name from Repository to Repository.old
8. Switch back to command prompt and type net start winmgmt and hit enter to execute
9. Close all the windows and reboot the computer and now try opening the system information.

If the problem persists, see this Microsoft Forum for additional instructions and information.

Additional Help

Please contact the DoIT Help Desk for additional help with your WiscVPN connection: Get Help from DoIT. To get started, here is the information DoIT may need to gather to help troubleshoot your client: Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN - What DoIT will need to troubleshoot client connectivity issues.

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