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Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 02-12-24

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272 Bascom Hall

Monday, February 12, 2024

3:30 to 5:00 p.m.


Provost Charles Isbell called the meeting to order at 3:32 p.m.

Memorial Resolution for Donald Anderson (ASA #823)

Josh Lapin read the memorial resolution for Donald Anderson.

Guest: LaVar Charleston, Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Charleston acknowledged that there is an anti-DEI movement happening across the country, with different pressures depending on where you’re located. This is an opportunity for innovation as we assess where there may be points of concern and think about the ways diversity is valued in our policies, practices, and curriculum. Steps to manage risk include lobbying with institutional partners to build support, mobilizing stakeholders to secure funding that is not restricted, and developing specific plans and actions to protect us, to adapt, or to fight against anti-EDIB legislation.

Dr. Charleston provided campus climate updates. Senior leadership has prioritized efforts to support students in light of the war in Israel and Gaza, and continues to condemn antisemitism, islamophobia, and all forms of violence, harassment, and hate directed at individuals based on their identity. He and Vice Chancellor Reesor have reemerged the student advisory council to understand what students’ needs are. Based on the racist video that surfaced last spring, the chancellor, urged by students, created an ad hoc work group to look at the Black experience on campus. The group will be releasing a preliminary report soon, with a final report expected by the end of the spring semester. The Center for Interfaith Dialogue was expanded and moved to Student Affairs to broaden the scope of that work and to understand how religious identity plays a role in the development of students.

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement hired two new staff members to complete the senior leadership team. Angela Miller is the Assistant Vice Provost for Accessibility and Belonging Administration and Liz Stanislawski is the Executive Director of Communications.

Dr. Charleston encouraged attendees to register for the Outstanding Women of Color Awards, which will be held on Thursday, March 7, and to save the date for this year’s Diversity Forum, which will be held on November 13-14.

Automatic Consent Business

The Academic Staff Assembly minutes of Monday, December 11, 2023, were approved.


ASEC Chair Albert Muniz presented the ASEC report. Albert thanked Jake Smith for his work as secretary of the academic staff, and a search for his replacement should be underway soon. Albert also thanked Stephanie Elkins, who recently stepped down from ASEC, for her work in and commitment to shared governance. The Assembly will vote on a midterm replacement for her later this spring. Registration is open for the Academic Staff Institute, which is coming up in mid-March. Applications are currently being accepted for the Academic Staff Professional Development Grant program.

ASPRO Board President Jenny Dahlberg presented the ASPRO report. ASPRO is monitoring several bills, but things have been a little quiet as much of the legislative focus is on redistricting right now. ASPRO is hoping to host more virtual events soon.

Brady Minter, Assembly District #554 Representative and Nominating Committee member, presented the Academic Staff Executive Committee slate (ASA #824). Those running for election include Richard Barajas, Aaron Crandall, Sara Hladilek, John Martin, and Diane Stojanovich. The petition process for adding candidates to the slate will be sent out after the Assembly meeting.

Committee Co-Chair Hannah Silber presented the annual report of the Committee for Women in the University for 2022-2023 (ASA #825). Key areas of focus for the committee include gender and racial climate, impacts of caregiving and childcare on wellbeing and careers, and compensation, promotion, and progression. Over the last year, much of the committee’s work has focused on lactation spaces on campus and hostile and intimidating behavior.

Resolution Thanking the Members of the HR and Payroll Community for Expeditiously Processing the 2023 Pay Plan During the Holiday Period (ASA #826)

Tim Dalby, Assembly District #530 Representative, moved approval of ASA Document #826, which is a resolution thanking the members of the HR and payroll community for expeditiously processing the 2023 pay plan during the holiday period. Motion seconded.

Jeanne Hains, Assembly District #463 Representative, moved to amend clause 7 of the resolution to include “DoIT System Services, ERP Administrators, and HRIS Applications Group”. Motion seconded. Approved.

Vote taken on the amended resolution. Approved.

Provost Report

UW-Madison hosted the recent Board of Regents meeting, at which the chancellor announced three new initiatives. First, an initiative seeking to advance entrepreneurship to help bring more research and innovation out of the lab and into the world. Second, a major cross-campus initiative around environmental sustainability. Third, the Wisconsin Research, Innovation, and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) Initiative to address significant and complex challenges of importance to Wisconsin and the world.

The first RISE initiative will focus on artificial intelligence (AI), particularly human-centered AI. Additional initiatives will be announced in the coming months. You can find more information and submit ideas for future initiatives at

Several administrative searches are in progress including the dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, the dean of the School of Education, and the Vice Chancellor for Research. The dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health search will launch soon. Provost Isbell encouraged attendees to participate in these searches and provide feedback on the candidates.

Provost Isbell thanked Jake Smith and Lesley Fisher for their work, and the search for a new secretary of the academic staff will begin soon.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.

Minutes submitted by Lesley Fisher, Interim Secretary of the Academic Staff

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