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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 10-24-13

Approved 10-31-13
ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 24, 2013
67 Bascom Hall

Members Present:  Marwa Bassiouni, Denny Hackel, Jim Maynard, Heather McFadden, Chair, Robert Newsom, Kevin Niemi, Jeff Shokler

Guests:  Paul DeLuca, Steve Lund, Steve Stern, Bob Lavigna, Rachel Jeris, Tim Norris, Soyeon Shim

The meeting was called to order at 2:04 p.m.

The minutes of October 10, 2013 were approved.

Guest: Provost Paul DeLuca
    Provost DeLuca asked ASEC to provide 1 - 2 academic staff names for the Dean of International Studies Search and Screen Committee.  Candidates should be reasonably familiar with the activities of International Studies.  Upcoming searches beginning in January include the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning and Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff.

    Provost DeLuca also talked about Data Center aggregation.  Modernization on campus is required to provide a modern high performance data center.  UW-Madison has approximately 97 data centers currently on campus.

Guest: Dean Soyeon Shim
Dean Shim talked about the Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) in the School of Human Ecology.  She mentioned they recently renamed themselves and held a breakfast for academic staff.  Heather McFadden gave an overview of academic staff on campus.  Dean Shim also presented materials regarding the bullying issue.  Rachel Jeris from Legal Services talked about possible avenues to address this issue.

Standing Committee Reports
Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee (CEBC): Heather McFadden reported that CEBC will work on the issues of multiple roles, portfolio of tools, and progress steps in title series.  CEBC elected Jason Jankoski as co-chair.

Guests: Steve Lund, Bob Lavigna, and Steve Stern
Steve L. and Bob reported on progress towards a new Critical Compensation Fund (CCF) exercise.  Discussion focused on a number of issues including the percentage of employees to target, the minimum percentage employees can receive, and the percentage of previous CCF recipients who could receive another award.  This exercise is scheduled to release as soon as possible after November 1.  

There was a follow up from a meeting between Steve L., Steve S. and UW System Human Resources.  It will be possible for UW-Madison to use Extraordinary Salary Ranges (ESR) based on data proxy methodology to justify CCF awards for employees within 3% of the salary cap in a non-promotable title.  Market is the only rationale for these adjustments.  There was also discussion regarding the possible of creation of a Program Manager IV if helpful to UW-Madison.  Steve Lund will evaluate this option.

CCF Discussion
    Motion to target 20-30% of academic staff for the CCF exercise. (Moved. Seconded. Approved)

    Motion to allow no more than 30% of academic staff within a unit to receive a second CCF award (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

    Motion to require a minimum adjustment of 3% and a minimum amount of $1200 for the CCF exercise. (Moved. Withdrawn).

    Motion to require a minimum adjustment of 3% and a minimum amount of 3% of the median academic staff salary. (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

General Reports
Heather McFadden reported that a Legislative Council Committee on Shared Governance is being formed.

Convene in Closed Session Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) to re-consider names put forth for Dean of Internationl Studies Search & Screen Committee, Academic Staff Appeals Committee,  Student Academic Misconduct Hearing Panel, Student Hearing Examiners, and Student Non-Academic Misconduct Hearing Panel. (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

Motion to reappoint Julie Ganser to the Student Academic Misconduct Hearing Panel (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

Motion to appoint Mark Marohl to the Student Hearing Examiners, and Aaron Hobson and Ashley Lax to the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Hearing Panel (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

Motion to recommend appointment of Tom Tabone to the Academic Staff Appeals Committee (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

Motion to provide two academic staff for the Dean of International Studies Search and Screen (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

Reconvene in open session. (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

The meeting was adjourned at 4:52 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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