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Professional Development and Recognition Committee Minutes 3-13-15

PDRC Meeting Minutes
Friday, March 13, 2015
9:00 - 10:00 am
Memorial Union
Present: Jeff Armstrong, Jeff Bohrer, Nick Ewoldt, Jay Ford, Amy Hawley, John Klatt, Alison Rice

The meeting was called to order at 9:08 am.

Automatic consent business

- February minutes were approved without dissent.

Standing subcommittee reports

- PD Grants: Amy/Stephanie J.
•    52 proposals have been submitted to date (number of spring submissions is usually a little lower than fall).
•    Next Friday, March 20, is the deadline.
•    The group will meet after April 17th to review applications.
•    Chris, Stephanie J. and Amy reviewed the PD Grants web page and have some suggestions for updates.

- Awards: Elisabeth/Jeff B./John
•    All nominators were notified about the award winners
•    The invites for the Academic Staff Excellence Awards have been sent out from Chancellor’s Office.
•    There was some discussion about the process for inviting unsuccessful nominators to resubmit a candidate the next year. Alison Rice and Jeff Armstrong will review the previously used letter, suggest edits to the section about resubmission, and then distribute it to the entire committee before our May Meeting.

- Exec Ed Grants: Jay/Alison
•    Submissions are due March 27
•    At this point there have been 30 applications.
•    Jay is hoping to have two more volunteers, likely Fall PD Grant Readers, help review the proposals. He will email that group soon to solicit volunteers.

Committee business

- Award for Excellence in Research in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
•    Agreed to drop this.

- Committee size
•    Some of the rationale for proposing an increase in our committee size (hopefully by 3 members) was discussed.
•    Points included the many detailed tasks the committee is responsible for, including 3 subcommittees, which require experienced committee members to lead these efforts. Even assuming normal committee turnover, it is a challenge to retain institutional knowledge. Ideally, in a member’s first year on the PDRC they begin learning committee processes and participate in review of review grants and awards; in the second year they add serving as a sub-committee co-chair; and in the third year they serve as sub-committee chair. In addition to ongoing committee work, new initiatives require additional committee time and expertise.
•    Consensus favors retaining the current purview of the committee under a single PDRC rather than splitting in two (e.g., an awards committee and a grants committee). The timing and life cycles of the programs run by the PDRC are complementary with one another (e.g., fall PD grants, winter awards review, spring PD and Exec Ed grants), and this variety of work helps keep committee members interested, engaged, and motivated.
•    We reviewed the PPPC member roster; PDRC members will informally have conversations with colleagues they know who serve on PPPC to begin gauging the likelihood of increasing the PDRC’s membership and potential issues of concern.
•    Jeff will review ASPP and other documents to try to understand rules for changing committee composition.

•    We had a short discussion on possible collaborations with the Communications Committee.
•    The PDRC will notify their committee, specifically Diane Stojanovich who met with us previously, about winners and then they will work to develop possible profile/publication pieces.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:01 am.

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