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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 08-08-19

Approved 8/29/19

ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Thursday, August 8, 2019
53 Bascom Hall

Members Present: Donna Cole; Jenny Dahlberg, chair; Stephanie Elkins; Mallory Musolf; Lindsey Stoddard Cameron; Bill Tishler

Guests: Michael Ashmore, Mary Czynszak-Lyne, Gary Mitchell, Jean Petersen, Jake Smith, Teri Stratton, Cigdem Unal

The meeting was called to order at 2:01 p.m.

The minutes of July 28, 2019 were approved with one correction.

General Reports
Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff, reported that she attended a TTC Shared Governance Advisory Committee meeting. They discussed the compensation philosophy, distinguished prefix proposal and form for the appeal of a title assignment. She also reported that the campus-wide research professor committee will be chaired by Nadine Connor and is not yet formed.

Liaison Reports
Stephanie reported bylaws have been drafted for a WPR CASI. She hopes to have them finalized soon.

Motion to Convene in Closed Session Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) to Discuss Nominations to the Nominating Committee and Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Search and Screen Committee and Appointment to the Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee. (Cole). Seconded. Approved.

Motion to Convene in Open Session. (Cole). Seconded. Approved.

Guests: Jean Peterson and Mike Ashmore, Ombuds Office
Jean and Mike thanked ASEC for their invitation.  Right now in the Ombuds office, there are a total of 5 staff: 2 faculty, 2 academic staff and 1 university staff. They serve a total of three years with staggered start dates so there is approximately one new person every 6-8 months. They have had several discussions about diversity in the office during the past summer.

They cast a wide net in recruiting candidates and encouraged ASEC to identify prospective applicants. The Provost approves of the candidates and the Ombuds team interviews and makes the final selection. 

Guests: Teri Stratton, Gary Mitchell, Mary Czynszak-Lyne, and Cigdem Unal (University Staff Child Care Scholarship Program)
This scholarship program offers one-time awards of $500-1000. They give out 2-4 awards per year for university staff.  Last year, they had an article about the scholarship, which generated 4-6 applications from academic staff.  They decided to approach academic staff governance to see if this was a project governance would be interested in.

The university staff fund began with award money received by a university staff member. It was supplemented by donations, and now there is enough money to support the awards from the interest generated by the principal. 

If academic staff are interested, the next steps would be drafting a MOA and establishing a giving campaign.  The best time of year for a campaign is the end of the year. Donations can be given by payroll deductions. The childcare office is willing to help with the campaign. 

Motion to appoint Derek Kindle to the Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee (Musolf). Seconded. Approved.
Motion to nominate Alissa Ewer, Russell Schwalbe and Bonniejean Zitske to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Search and Screen Committee (Musolf). Seconded. Approved.
Motion to nominate Dan Barnish to the Nominating Committee (Cole). Seconded. Approved.
Board of Regents Free Speech Policy Hearing
ASEC reviewed a draft of the comments to be delivered at the hearing. Leslie Petty will present the comments, and they will be submitted in writing as well. 
Topics for Provost
Plans for first 6 months
Online Bachelor’s Degree Implementation
Program for Staff Diversity

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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