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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 08-29-19

Approved 9/5/19

ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Thursday, August 29, 2019
53 Bascom Hall

Members Present: Donna Cole; Jenny Dahlberg, chair; Tim Dalby; Stephanie Elkins; Mallory Musolf; Leslie Petty; Lindsey Stoddard Cameron; Bill Tishler

Guests: Diane Blaskowski, Ron Harris, Karl Scholz, Jake Smith, Brian Steen, Anna Vembu

The meeting was called to order at 2:02 p.m.

The minutes of August 8, 2019 were approved.

General Reports
Jenny Dahlberg, ASEC chair, reported that Leadership Summit was held yesterday, August 28. She took away two ideas from the sessions: awards for academic staff doing EID work (Patrick Sims mentioned faculty awards) and celebrating female academic staff as part of the 150th anniversary of the first women to graduate from UW-Madison. OHR shared information about changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The new minimum salary for jobs to be considered exempt will be $35,308.  This could take effect as soon as January. Right now there are 1300 employees including graduate assistants who would be affected. 

Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff, reported that they have hired a new student to work in the office. The Ad Hoc Committee looking at the Professor of Practice titles met for the first time. It became clear during the meeting that the use of the Professor of Practice varies by discipline. The committee is considering conducting a short survey of departments regarding this title. The Policy Library team finalized a interim report with some recommendations to the executive sponsors of the project. Heather still has some concerns about how shared governance is included in some of the illustrations of the policy making process, but she feels the written report has improved quite a bit from the first draft. The Shard Governance Advisory Committee for TTC met. They reviewed changes to the distinguished prefix proposal. It is unclear whether this would be for all staff or just academic staff. At the next meeting, they will review the written procedures for the appeals process.

Guest: Karl Scholz, Provost
Karl Scholz introduced himself to ASEC. He is keeping issues and business moving while he figures out how to make a particular impact or contribution. He wants to make sure students have a great experience on campus and to continue to enhance the university’s excellent reputation. Having been a Dean, he has a unique perspective as Provost in being able to articulate challenges that particular university policies or timelines create for schools/colleges divisions. He would like to explore additional ways to create resources for instructional academic staff and faculty that support teaching and learning. He has a large number of direct reports as Provost, so he is thinking about the organization of work in the Provost’s office so as to be as effective as possible.

Guests: Brian Steen and Diane Blaskowski, Office of Human Resources (TTC Update)
The TTC project is doing a road show for HR professionals in the schools/colleges/divisions. The Compensation Philosophy is on the TTC website. They will be sending out a newsletter to different audiences.

Working titles will be used in the new system. The title of record (in HRS) is what you can benchmark against. Employees will be able to use working/business titles in the new system and these will also be able to appear in the directory. A working title cannot duplicate an existing title of record.

To prepare employees for the transition, they are preparing several things including a video of a mock conversation between a manager and employee and online microlearnings. They plan to post the entire title library approximately 1 week before the November forums. They are looking to redo market ranges for compensation every 2-3 years.

Motion to Convene in Closed Session Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) Discuss Nominations to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and Dean of Extension Search and Screen Committees. (Cole). Seconded. Approved.

Motion to Convene in Open Session. (Dalby). Seconded. Approved.

Motion to nominate Nola Walker, Gene Purcell and Gene Schriefer to the Dean of Extension Search and Screen Committee (Stoddard Cameron). Seconded. Approved.
Motion to nominate David Hart to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Search and Screen Committee (Stoddard Cameron). Seconded. Approved.
Agenda Day of Assembly Orientation
ASEC reviewed the agenda and divided up responsibilities.
September Assembly Agenda 
Motion to approve the September Assembly Agenda, which includes a resolution celebrating the 125 anniversary of Sifting and Winnowing (Stoddard Cameron). Seconded. Approved.
Topics for Provost
Discussion of how he would like to engage with ASEC
Diversity program for staff hiring

Meeting adjourned at 5:02 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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